Pum recommends…Quinoa

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Pum recommends post and thought I’d put the spotlight on one of my favourite ingredients these days quinoa.

I use quinoa a lot!  Both because it is amazingly healthy for you as well as so versatile.  I can easily rustle up something for breakfast, lunch or dinner using quinoa as the main ingredient.

Chances are if you’ve never cooked with quinoa before you’ll at least have heard of it…even if you are pronouncing it phonetically (it’s actually keen-wah, that took me a while!).


Health Benefits

You can read endless lists about how healthy quinoa is for you and the reasons why on nutrition advice published online, but here’s the headlines:

  • huge amounts of protein (excellent for muscle repair and aiding weightloss)
  • provides brilliant fibre (keeping you full and regular)
  • good levels of iron, manganese and magnesium


How to cook it

I know for a fact that some people don’t know how to cook quinoa (and have had a conversation with one of my friends about this very topic very recently).

It’s very simple here’s how:

  • measure 1 cup quinoa
  • rinse quinoa in a sieve
  • in a pan add 2 cups water
  • stir in quinoa over a high heat until boiling
  • when bubbles vigorous turn down to a simmer
  • keep an eye and stir often so it doesn’t stick to the bottom
  • should be ready in about 15 minutes
  • but TASTE to see if ready
  • it’s ok to add a little more water and cook for longer if too much bite for you…don’t be afraid to stray from a ‘recipe’ and make it how you want it!


Pum’s recipes

Here are some of my tried and tested recipes I come back to again and again (and a couple newbies)…

Gorgeous Quinoa Nut Granola



Coconutty Aubergine Curry



Roast Tomato Chicken Quinoa



Tangy Tamarind Veggie Quinoa



The Best Brazil Nut Pesto



Edemame Quinoa Salad with Chilli Mango



Lovely Lentil Quinoa Bake




So much variety with just one ingredient.  While I write this I have a pot of quinoa on that I’m planning to use for breakfasts (served hot with almond milk and some cinnamon, can’t wait!).

If you’ve never tried quinoa before I hope this post has inspired you to give it a bash…you won’t be sorry!


Pum x




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