Pum update…Week 1 January DONE

January week 1 is done and don’t I feel good about it!

I thought work this week would have been much more stressful (accountant, year end, blah blah) but it was completely manageable.

Here’s my highlights from the 1st week of 2016…


I’ve been so bloomin’ organised I’m so proud of myself!  Big batches of soup, roast veggies and quinoa all prepared to make eating well so easy this week.




I finally dragged myself back to the gym from Wednesday.  On Monday and Tuesday I was genuinely too busy in work to go during lunch or after work but on Wednesday my manager was quite persuasive that I go (she’s good that way).

On Wednesday I eased myself in with a 20 min treadmill run, 10 mins on the rower and about 15 mins of weights to finish off.

I say ease myself in…I was dying!

Then came Thursday and the first gym class of 2016…HELL!

Ok well not actually hell because I did enjoy it but I struggled through it.  I jokingly said to my instructor at the start that she should work me hard because I needed it, and well, she didn’t disappoint!  A leg circuit with burpees between each station followed by boxing, sprints and arms.

I was so sore today (Friday) that I could easily have just had a day off but I think I’d be even more stiff tomorrow if I stopped now so I did a 20 min treadmill run followed by a 10 min incline walk.  Not a lot but it’s something!

New Discovery

I feel I’m late to the party with this one but I have just discovered COYO and omg I am in love.


Yummy Meals

I’ve had a few especially delicious meals this week that I’ve not blogged recipes for (because well they don’t really require recipes).  But that doesn’t mean I enjoyed them any less…

Salmon and spinach


Beef and butterbean chili on salad


Roasted veg with giant couscous


Fruit and nut salad


Celery snacks


New Favourite Porridge

I am constantly surprising myself by finding new and even more amazing ways to make my morning porridge.  This week I combined 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup water, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 tsp cinnamon, 2 tbsp. currants and left in the fridge overnight then warmed through in the morning…bloody good I tell you!



I hope you all have had a great 1st week of 2016!


Pum x





5 thoughts on “Pum update…Week 1 January DONE

  1. linsolo93

    Great blog it is so refreshing to share your journey. I call mine project Elsie (LC or Lifestyle Change) & it’s great when you feel fitter & healthier. Thanks for the like on taste2taste.com we try & do a range of recipes some healthy, some more indulgent so watch this space!
    Best Wishes x

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