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What Pum ate…’Soup Week’

Last week I blogged that I’d be doing a ‘soup week’ for a little healthy boost and so here’s how it went.  See the soups I made here:

I was a little worried commencing this week that I could get a bit bored by rotating the same 3 soups, but I honestly didn’t at all!  I was also so surprised how satisfying the soup actually was.  It filled me up after my lunchtime workout, as well as at dinner time and I didn’t find myself snacking too much.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘What Pum ate’ post.  This one is just Monday to Friday the duration of the ‘soup week’.

Breakfast Morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack Dinner Evening Snack Workout
Green tea, oat bran 1 banana almond milk 5 raspberries, half grapefruit, coffee semi skimmed milk Carrot and ginger soup, peppermint tea, 1 apple Coffee semi skimmed milk, 1 nakd bar Apple/cinnamon tea, butternut squash and celeriac soup, 2 crackers, lemon/ginger tea Chai tea with coconut milk, 2 tahini bites, camomile tea 10 mins treadmill sprint, 15 mins HIIT circuits
Green tea, goji berry oat bran 5 raspberries, half grapefruit, coffee semi skimmed milk, 1 brown rice cake almond butter Tomato and red pepper soup, peppermint tea Green tea, 1 brown rice cake almond butter Feijoa tea, butternut squash and celeriac soup, 2 crackers, lemon/ginger tea Banana ‘nicecream’, camomile tea 10 mins treadmill sprint, 15 mins HIIT circuits
Green tea, oat bran 1 banana coconut milk 10 almonds, coffee semi skimmed milk Carrot and ginger soup, peppermint tea Green tea, 1 nakd bar Apple/cinnamon tea, tomato and red pepper soup, edamame beans with chilli Chai tea with coconut milk, 1 tahini bite, 1 square dark chocolate, camomile tea 40 mins cardio circuits class
Green tea, pink smoothie bowl 1 grapefruit, 6 brazil nuts, coffee semi skimmed milk Butternut squash and celeriac sop, peppermint tea, 1 apple Coffee semi skimmed milk, 1 brown rice cake peanut buter Feijoa tea, carrot and ginger soup, 1 brown rice cake with marmite, lemon/ginger tea Apple/cinnamon tea, camomile tea 40 mins strength and abs class
Green tea, oats almond milk 1 banana quinoa granola 1 grapefruit, coffee semi skimmed milk Tomato and red pepper soup Small skinny cappuccino, 2 squares dark chocolate 2 diet cokes, 2 fried chicken creamy pulled pork wraps (bad!), 1 coconut ice cream, 2 caramel waffles (bad bad!) 1 cider, 1 white wine, 4 white russians (woops!)

So, onto the results…

…at the end of this week I’ve lost another 2lbs!  And that’s after last night’s sugar fest with the amazing White Russians.  If you’re ever in Finnieston, Glasgow, you have to go to Lebowskis!  They have a full menu of White Russians.  I was out celebrating my friend becoming a homeowner so it would be rude not to try a selection of cocktails to show my support, but 4 wonderfully thick and creamy sugar-filled concoctions might have been taking things a bit far…


white russianwhite russian2

You’ll have noticed in addition to having lighter lunches/dinners I kept up with my lunchtime gym sessions so this probably helped too.

All in all this was actually a really good week for me.  I tried to make each bowl different in some way, particularly at dinnertime, and definitely enjoyed each meal.  Serving the soup with an alternative side (to the usual bread and butter) kept things interesting and light, I particularly liked the combination of the roasted red pepper and tomato soup with the salt and chilli edamame beans.


I also made an effort to keep my breakfasts tasty and satisfying by getting a healthy amount of fibre and protein.


I’ve already added the recipes for the goji berry and pink smoothie bowls here (both so delicious):

I’m going to go back to a more normal and balanced week of eating as I don’t think eating soup alone is great for a long time, as I’m probably getting less of certain nutrients (weirdly craving a tuna baked sweet potato!).  But I now know I can turn to this next time I want a little boost.

Just about the tuck into another breakfast bowl of goodness mmm…happy weekend folks.


Pum x


What Pum ate…Week 6

I’m throwing it right back in another ‘What Pum ate…’ post to week 6.  I had not long returned from a holiday in Dubai and needed to get back on track.  At this point I’d lost 9lbs (should have been 11 or 12 by this point but Dubai did add a little weight back).

This was also the first week at my new job (which I loved straight away) – this I saw as an opportunity to get into a solid healthy eating routine during the week.

Week Day Breakfast Morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack Dinner Evening Snack
6 36 chia seeds, oats, coconut milk, strawberries, banana lentil soup, 1 apple grapes chicken and stir fry veg 1 lindt chocolate
6 37 chia seeds, oats, coconut milk, strawberries 1 banana mushroom soup, 1 apple, 2 small chocolates salmon, spinach, 2 eggs
6 38 chia seeds, oats, coconut milk, strawberries, banana lentil soup grapefruit chicken and stir fry veg
6 39 chia seeds, oats, coconut milk, strawberries, banana lentil soup 2 small chocolates salmon, tomatoes, 1 egg
6 40 granola, coconut milk, chia seeds, banana lentil soup half scone lemon curd, 1 chocolate meatloaf, mash, fried potato, carrot, 1 profiterole
6 41 granola, greek yoghurt, maple syrup  1 slice whole-wheat toast 1 boiled egg, grapefruit sweet potato curry, flatbread square dark chocolate
6 42 granola, coconut milk savoury oats (water, parmesan, 1 fried egg, 1 slice ham) square dark chocolate mexican quinoa

oat muffin

By the end of this week I’d lost a further 3lbs.  Which seems quite a lot for a generally alright week, possibly I was still losing a bit of water weight from Dubai.

I was really getting into the oats/chia seed pudding combination and loving it that week.  I now go through phases of eating this quite a lot then having a break from it.  You’ll notice I had barely any morning snacks so these breakfasts definitely kept me full.

Overnight Oats Mix

I also at this point thought I was being really good by having granola for breakfast.  Then my sister told me how much sugar is normally in 1 portion and when I checked the packet I was genuinely shocked.  Yes it tastes great but for that amount of sugar I’d rather have a little cake in the afternoon than a sugar-loaded breakfast!


Reflecting on this week I also had quite a lot of chocolate.  Much more than I’d have during the week now.  I didn’t actually try to break my sugar addiction on purpose, it just has been an added benefit of eating healthier.  I used to have to have something sweet every day and don’t get me wrong I’m still very much a dessert person but I don’t really want to be eating sweet things every day.  Fruit will do me now as my daily sweet snack.  I also feel I really enjoy the treats I do have because I’m not having them every day.

An odd dish on here you might be thinking ‘what the bleep is that?!’ to is my savoury porridge.  I’ve seen various recipes for this pop up now and again which require quite a lot of prep but I keep mine very simple.  Porridge oats made with water flavoured by a small amount of parmesan or marmite (love the stuff) and topped with an egg.  It’s what I turn to when I’m really hungry but trying to be really good.  This is a pretty low calorie dish if you watch the portion size.

Overall I’d say this was a good week for healthy lunches and dinners but a bit too much sugar.  Nevertheless a win on the weightloss front!

Pum x

What Pum ate…Week 13

i.e. the week that Easter stole my diet…

I thought I would share week 13 with you because this is an example of how the odds are sometimes completely against you when you’re trying to lose weight.

This was ‘quarter-end’ week at work which is pretty busy and you’re expected to stay later.  However to compensate for this they have Domino’s Pizza Tuesday…great!

Also because this was a special ‘quarter-end’ where Good Friday was day 5 (and we had to work, forfeiting the public holiday) they had Subway Sandwich Friday…come on!

Then my manager gave me 2 easter eggs (a Cadbury flake egg and a lindt bunny). So nice of her to do, but I’m on a diet jeez.


Then I open the box which promised 4 flake chocolate bars to find…


five!  Who is doing this to me?!

To top that all off this was Easter weekend and my mum was having the family round for Sunday lunch and my gran was doing the baking…ridiculous! 

So here’s what my week ended up looking like…urgh it started out so well!

Week Day Breakfast Morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack Dinner Evening Snack Feeling
13 85 1 banana almonds and hazelnuts chicken chickpea couscous salad 1 apple, 1 square dark chocolate salmon courgettes 1 slice whole-wheat toast peanut butter bloated
13 86 porridge with coconut milk, honey, mixed seeds almonds rye bread with leerdammer light cheese, tomato 1 apple 2 slices dominos pizza, 2 chicken bits, garlic and herb dip (at work) bloated
13 87 2 scrambled eggs, 2 tomatoes hazelnuts rye bread with almond butter 1 banana steak and mushrooms bloated
13 88 porridge semi skimmed milk peanut butter and chia seeds 1 banana mushroom soup 1 apple salmon , mexican quiona small chocolate bar good digestion
13 89 2 scrambled eggs 2 tomatoes 1 small flake 3 3inch subway meat and cheese sandwiches banana peanut butter smoothie, toast and leerdammer out with friends, a lot of alcohol! good digestion
13 90 porridge with semi skimmed milk and easter egg chocolate leftover peanut butter and banana smoothie tuna tomato pasta mexican quinoa, scrambled eggs brown pitta 3 mini flakes and half a cadbury easter egg!! good digestion
13 91 porridge coconut milk, chocolate, mixed seeds carrot cake cupcake 1 banana turkey potatoes yorkshire pudding spinach sweet potato coconut cream pie, currant cake, crisps full but happy

So all in all weight loss in week 13…0lbs, nothing, nada, not a sausage.  However I’m treating this week as a win because I mega splurged and really enjoyed myself without gaining back several lbs.

During this week I also made an effort to make sure I was doing some form of exercise and I did squeeze in a couple of jogs and a fitness class (kettlebells) so I suppose that helped a bit too.

Easter's porridge so it's healthy, right?

Easter breakfast…it’s porridge so it’s healthy, right?

Easter Sunday lunch

Easter Sunday lunch

Selection of baking from my mum and gran

Selection of baking from my mum and gran

Gran's coconut Tennessee cream pie

Gran’s coconut Tennessee cream pie (picture really did not do it justice)

Mum's strawberry iced carrot cake cupcakes

Mum’s strawberry iced carrot cake cupcakes


Easter morning run

Easter morning run

Pum x

What Pum ate…Week 24

So, true to my word I’ve sporadically chosen a week’s food diary to share with you – week 24!  By this point I’d already lost 24 lbs (seemingly true to my rough 1lb a week steady weight loss goal, although in reality some weeks I was losing, some I was gaining and some there was completely no movement on the scales).  I think this was a great week on reflection as it was for the most part healthy but I indulged too and really enjoyed myself!

Week Day Breakfast Morning snack Lunch Afternoon snack Dinner Evening Snack Feeling
24 Monday all bran with almond milk blueberries brown pitta low fat cheese, tomato, 1 plum 1 alpro soya pudding chicken, green and red pepper, sweet potato, buckwheat 1 orange, turmeric drink woke up bloated
24 Tuesday all bran with almond milk edemame beans buckwheat, peas tomatoes, 1 plum, 1 alpro soya pudding 1 machine chocomilk sweet potato, bolognese, 1 orange turmeric drink woke up better but still a bit bloated
24 Wednesday 2 slices whole-wheat toast with peanut butter hazelnuts and dates porridge with almond milk, chia seeds, blueberry jam 1 peach chicken, couscous, broccoli, green and yellow pepper 1 orange, turmeric drink feel better today
24 Thursday porridge with almond milk and peanut butter edemame beans, cappuccino with semi skimmed milk brown pitta low fat cheese tomato bolognese, 1 sweet potato, mango turmeric drink
24 Friday fried egg, 1 rasher bacon, tomato, mushrooms 1 baked sweet potato with mixed seeds single nougat ice cream (van came to work…) chicken, lettuce, olive oil and balsamic vinegar strawberries with dark chocolate, turmeric drink
24 Saturday green tea, 1 slice whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and strawberries, coffee with semi skimmed milk 1 rice cake with cottage cheese, turmeric drink  rest of small tub cottage cheese, edemame beans, dark chocolate, green tea 1 rice cake with peanut butter, coffee with semi skimmed milk whole-wheat pasta red pesto, mixed salad, chia seeds with almond milk half bottle white wine, half bottle prosecco, half bottle pink fizz (with my best friend) feel good
24 Sunday 1 slice whole-wheat toast, scrambled eggs, 1 coffee semi skimmed milk strawberries, 1 coffee with semi skimmed milk halloumi flatbread, chicken flatbread, brownie, 2 coffees full milk (riverhill café) smoothie (spinach, banana, mixed frozen berries,  almond milk) feel good

Weight loss in week 24 was…3.3lbs!  This was definitely one of my better weeks as I didn’t feel deprived in any way and still saw results.

This also happened to be the week of the turmeric drink.  The turmeric drink consists of turmeric (powdered approx. 2 tsps.), apple cider vinegar (a generous ‘slosh’), topped up and stirred fiercely with hot water.  I had felt very bloated in the previous weeks and read up on how great both turmeric and ACV are so thought I’d give it a bash.  It may have contributed to the weight loss that week, or it might not have.  Either way I’ll definitely be reaching for my turmeric drink when I next feel the bloat!

During week 24 I also met my friend Sarah at the Riverhill restaurant in Glasgow for some lunch.  That was the first time I had been and I was blown away.  The food was just brilliant, my picture of the chicken shawarma wrap and halloumi flatbread (we had half each) definitely don’t do it justice.  Watch this space for a post about the restaurant in more detail as I’m sure I’ll be racking up a few more visits before the summer’s out.

Here’s a few pics of some of the items on my week 24 food diary.  This was a yummy week which I hope to repeat soon!

Chicken shawarma wrap and halloumi flatbread at Riverhil Café Glasgow

Chicken shawarma wrap and halloumi flatbread at Riverhil Café Glasgow

Oh I should also mention that an ice cream van came to my work the Friday of week 24…what a treat (yes it was free)!  This also was one of the funniest days as Laura (my 8 month pregnant co-worker who had been craving ice cream all day) squeezed her cone a little too hard and did this…

There were tears.  Her sadness and my laughter!  (Don’t worry they took pity on her and gave her another).  I thoroughly enjoyed my single nougat


Pum x

What Pum ate…Week 1

So as I mentioned in my post ‘Then and now’ the first thing that I did when I decided to change my weight/size/general un-healthiness was to start a food diary.

I plan to share my weekly entries with you in my ‘What Pum ate…’ posts, but not in order (sorry not sorry)!  Instead I will be going back and forth between entries, reflecting on weeks at the beginning of my experience as well as updating you on my more recent progress.  This way I will be able to write how I’m feeling in more detail for the recent entries which will hopefully give me more of an insight into how my diet is really affecting me.

So, ready?

What Pum ate…week 1

Week Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
1 Monday quinoa, greek yoghurt, granola vegetable soup salmon, stir-fry veg, 1 egg banana greek yoghurt and honey, 2 coffees with milk
1 Tuesday quinoa, greek yoghurt, honey vegetable soup salmon, stir-fry veg, small portion pasta tomato mascarpone sauce 1 scoop ice cream, 2 apples, 2 coffees with milk
1 Wednesday quinoa, greek yoghurt, honey vegetable soup eclectic shepherds pie baked apple, 2 coffees milk
1 Thursday granola coconut milk 2 banana pancakes 1 pitta pizza, 1 baked sweet potato 2 coffees with milk, 1 tea with milk, 1 banana
1 Friday granola coconut milk 1 boiled egg marmite, 1 banana pancake, apple vegetable soup, brown pitta tomatoes, greek yoghurt banana and honey 1 coffee with milk, 1 tea with milk, mug cake
1 Saturday 1 banana vegetable soup quorn, broccoli, sweet potato and quinoa 1 coffee with milk, 1 tea milk, 1 scoop ice cream
1 Sunday granola coconut milk tuna steak, cup of mushroom soup, 1 banana quorn, broccoli, sweet potato and quinoa, 1 apple

1 coffee with milk, 2 tea with milk, greek yoghurt dessert, 1 lindt chocolate

For some reason week 1 started on the 5th of January…maybe I felt better about starting the ‘diet’ on a Monday.  So in 9 days I had lost…9lbs going from 14 stone 7lbs to 13 stone 12lbs.  This might seem drastic particularly given that I was eating plenty and not all of it was really healthy (I later found out how much sugar was actually in that granola…frightening) however I think at the start this was mostly water weight and calming down from Christmas (i.e. not having mince pies and mulled wine every single day!).  But all in all I felt this was a good start and was definitely nice to see a new number on the ‘stone’ part of the scales.

At the beginning of writing my food diary I kept all snacks together in the one category.  Now I separate them by morning, afternoon and evening as I now know just how important the ‘when’ of eating is as well as the ‘what’.

At this point I was also not keeping track of how I was feeling each day.  I think that is a really important part of knowing if your diet is right for you or not.  Now I will add comments such as; ‘bloated today’, ‘woke up flatter tummy’, ‘felt very hungry today’ or ‘that dessert was totally satisfying’.  This way I can really reflect and know what works for me.  You’ll see this when I start to post my current entries 🙂

Granola, greek yoghurt, honey and seeds

Granola, greek yoghurt, honey and seeds

Pum x