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Pumspiration…Monday Motivation

It’s the start of a new week and I’m forgetting the sins of the weekend (cough sticky peacan bourbon pudding!) and starting afresh.

My morning started in work with a cup of coffee and my breakfast of porridge with cashew butter.  I used a sachet of Moma Super Seeds with a tsp. of Pip & Nut’s Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter (looooove this stuff).


At around 11am I had a satsuma and a plum (from our garden, more plums to follow throughout the day!).  I also had around 1.5l water…I drink a lot!

At 12pm it was time for the gym and today I did a workout from Polish fitness goddess Ewa Chodakowska.  I went with my gym buddy Kasia and we just youtube’d her 40 min Skalpel workout on the big screen in the gym…now this one burned!  The video is in Polish but we just muted the sound, turned up the tunes and followed her moves.  If you’ve not heard about her I seriously recommend you check her out!


Lunch was a green pepper stuffed with lentils and mixed veg (from our work canteen and pretty tasty) along with a banana, another plum and more water.

Around 3pm I had a cup of tea with milk and a granny smith apple.

En route home I did a big shop for the week.  Josh and I are going to try to be really good for the  next 2 weeks before our holidays (me to New Zealand and Singapore and him to America!) so I loaded up on fruit, veg and lean meats.

I put on a big batch of vegetable lentil soup and made a quick dinner of an easy tuna nicoise.


I’ll probably have some more fruit before bed but all in all a good Monday.  Here’s hoping I can keep it up!


Pum x




Pum update…WIAW

Well it’s been a few months since I did a WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) post and seeing as it’s Wednesday…

I was pretty organised today and brought my breakfast, lunch and snacks to work.  Recently it’s been a hit or a miss whether I make or buy my breakfast/lunch but I definitely feel the benefit both financially and weight-wise when I prepare and bring my food from home.

I ate my breakfast once I got into work at 8.30am.  This was my breakfast berry smoosh and a machine coffee (bad habit but coffee was needed this morning!).

My breakfast berry smoosh is a mixture of greek yoghurt, raspberries, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds all smooshed together.

At 10.30am I had a green tea and then at 11am I was going to have a pre-gym snack but I was so busy chatting I almost missed the class completely!

Today’s gym class was a really fun but tough boxercise class.

At 1pm once I was back at my desk I had my lunch which was homemade carrot soup and  a pink grapefruit.

I LOVE pink grapefruits, so sweet I could honestly eat one after another…


At 2pm I had a tangerine and some pistachios nuts along with a mug of Feijoa tea (new delivery all the way from big sis Keeks in NZ!).


Tonight’s dinner was a bit of a ‘what do I have in the fridge/freezer?’ effort…but it turned out really tasty.

In a pan I fried off a few tomatoes and a yellow pepper.  I then added frozen mediterranean prawns from Aldi (highly recommended, super easy and only 160kcal for a massive bag!) and stirfried until cooked through.  I served this with some buckwheat noodles.  Very good if I do say so myself!



After dinner it was a cup of milky tea and a chocolate biscuit, because why not!



So that was a pretty decent day in my opinion!

I’ve actually had a really good exercise week so far.  The weather’s getting better and I’m taking the opportunity to get outside more.

On Sunday Josh and I (and the dog) went out a lovely walk (ended up around 5 miles); Monday lunchtime I gave the gym a miss and went a powerwalk with my gym buddy Kasia; same on Tuesday lunch break and at night Josh and I went a 3 mile jog/walk that I really enjoyed (hope we keep it up I’ve let running slide a little this year); and then my boxercise class today.

One day closer to the weekend!
Pum x


Pumspiration…Recent Eats January

Breakfast Quinoa with Blueberries and Coyo


Poached Eggs on Rye


Berry Vanilla Protein Smoothie


Rich Cacao Porridge (for dessert!)


Pip & Nut Butter and Seeds on Toast


Tomato Basil Soup with Ryvita


Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup


Rocket with Cottage Cheese and Amazing Avocado Dressing


Rosemary Tomato Chicken Pasta with Salad


Beef and Bean Chilli with Spinach


‘Picky Dinner’ of Rye Bread Hummus Olives Cheese and Salad


Paprika Roasted Veg


Thick Raspberry Smoothie with Almond Butter


Coyo and Coconut Milk with Berries


And some naughty…

Dinner at CAU Glasgow (Lomito Steak, Lemon Meringue Pie Cocktail, Dulce de Leche Pancakes!)




Pum x

Pum update…WIAW

Time for another What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) post…

Today has been a day of good eats and treats!

For breakfast I had mixed berries with lemon juice and hot water with half a lemon (yes I use half a whole lemon and do get ridiculed in work for this!).



When I arrived in work I had a green tea then at 11am I had a banana.  I also have plenty water throughout the day.  11.30am I had a black coffee to get me going before my lunchtime gym class.


Today’s class was 40 mins of circuits so plenty of squats, lunges and presses…ouch!

After the gym I had lunch at my desk which was a homemade carrot, sweet potato and coriander soup (using my new soup-maker) along with an apple and a plum.


These pictures really don’t do justice to how tasty this soup is.  So thick and creamy tasting but only using veg, stock and herbs so pretty light and healthy too!


I had a peppermint tea with lunch and a green tea throughout the afternoon as well as loads more water.

After work I rushed home as I was having my friend Sarra over for dinner.  Last night I assembled the super squash lasagne from the Jamie Oliver cookbook I got for Christmas from my lovely friend Cat so I just had to pop it in the oven tonight and leave it, easy peasy.

Oh my this was sooooo good, just you wait I’ll be posting the recipe very soon!


After dinner we had a good long chat fuelled by tea and a nice butterscotch biscuit.


We all need a treat now and again don’t we!


A really good day in my books, happy Wednesday folks…


Pum x

Pum update…WIAW

I decided yesterday that I would do a WIAW post and took pictures of all the food I ate.  I didn’t get round to posting this last night so here it is today.  WIAW posts are some of my favourite blog posts to read (for those not familiar WIAW is What I Ate Wednesday and is a post for bloggers to share their eating habits on that day).  They’re so interesting to me and I love having a nosey at what people really eat!

So here’s my WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday…i.e. yesterday)…

7am woke up and had a black coffee and greek yoghurt with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios and a little pure maple syrup (no porridge shock horror!).


As soon as I got into work at around 8.15am I had a green tea.  Then at 10.30am I had my morning snack of pink grapefruit and brazil nuts with another black coffee.  I go to the gym or a gym class Monday-Thursday so always eat something 1-2 hours before.

It was then off to circuits class 12-12.45pm…hard work, bum is very sore!

Lunch back at my desk at 1pm was vegetable soup (batch made on Sunday, link below) along with an apple and a peppermint tea.

Then at 3pm I always have another snack to tide me over until dinner and yesterday this was a banana.

This was all my snacks ready to be packed in the morning…(I’m not too keen on snapping pictures in work).




Once I got home I had a lemon and ginger tea while sorting things around my flat (washing clothes, dishes etc.) then around 6.30pm made up a super quick salad of king prawns, avocado, spinach, tomatoes and cucumber…this was huuuuge!


After dinner I had a liquorice tea (new fave?!) and a square of dark chocolate while catching up on How to Get Away with Murder (not really loving this anymore but still watching).



Overall this was a pretty typical midweek day.  I feel I got enough protein with the greek yoghurt, nuts and seeds; enough carbs with the fruit; and enough good fats with the nuts and avocado…plus a sweet treat to end the day!  I should also say that I probably had around 2.5 litres of water on top of this, I just keep filling my water bottle and guzzling…it might seem like too much but I feel so much better hydrated.

I just need to get better at eating like this on the weekends…

Pum x