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Pum reminiscing…The Peat Inn

Last week I mentioned that I would be dedicating a separate post to my birthday weekend at the Peat Inn, it was such a special weekend and is a place I would really recommend.  After much pestering, Josh finally told me what he was planning for my surprise birthday weekend which was an overnight stay at the Peat Inn, Michelin Star restaurant with rooms…needless to say on hearing this I was very excited!

The weekend started with a nice drive to South Queensferry for an early lunch and a short stretch of legs.  Despite being the start of October the weather was actually lovely, cold but bright.



We then headed straight up to the Peat Inn (which is just 15 minutes drive from St Andrews).  The buildings and surrounding gardens were lovely and there’s something inviting about the ‘restaurant with rooms’ set-up, where everything felt quite exclusive.



The room was huge and all the little touches just made it extra special; sherry, coffee, brownies, champagne, Belgian chocolates…I definitely felt spoiled!



After a few hours of relaxing (and trying not to stuff our faces on all the goodies before dinner) we headed to the restaurant for our tasting menu.

Neither of us are fussy so we happily accepted the menu and welcomed trying some things we might not have ordinarily ordered.




In addition to the menu were a couple of amuse-bouches to begin with (including a very delicious venison sausage roll) and petit fours to end the meal.  The highlights for me were the 2 middle dishes – the confit egg yolk and the partridge.


Picture quality is not great, possible due to inhaling my food…

I hope I’m not over-exaggerating but I enjoyed every part of the weekend at the Peat Inn; the staff were friendly but not overbearing, the bed was one of the most comfortable I’ve slept in and the modest continental breakfast served in the room was actually much needed after overindulging the night before!

We rounded off the perfect weekend with a trip to my childhood holiday location, Largo, and a wander round St Andrews.  If any foodies in Scotland are looking for a special weekend away this is somewhere I’d definitely recommend!

Pum x


Pum update…Eating Out Lately

In the last month or so I’ve been eating reaaaallly well.  And by well I don’t mean particularly healthy but just absolutely delicious food!

Here’s an update and a bit of a review of where I’ve been eating and what I’ve been enjoying…

Yauatcha Soho

I spent this past weekend in London (don’t worry I’m likely to dedicate an entire post to this fantastic weekend!).  One of the highlights of the trip was catching up with an old friend over a fantastic meal.

She recommended we go to Yauatcha, a Michelin stat dim-sum restaurant in Soho.

My first Michelin star experience (hopefully not the last) and I was not disappointed!

We had an amazing selection of dim-sum, pictured below is the char siu bun, venison puff and prawn cheung fun.






The Ship on the Shore

A couple of weekends ago Josh and I spent a lovely Sunday in Edinburgh.  We went to a seafood restaurant in Leith which I would recommend so much.  We has mussels, seafood chowder and lobster paella.  I love fresh seafood and this was just great!!







I caught up with the lovely Emma over lunch on a recent Saturday and she recommended we went up to a little place on Renfrew Street in Glasgow.  I would never have know this was there without her telling me!

I had the delicious meaty baked eggs which was eggs oven baked in a casserole of homemade pork and fennel sausage, cannellini beans, tomato and chilli!

We then split 2 of their selection of gorgeous cakes; the peanut butter and jelly cake and the millionaire shortbread.  YUM!




India Quay

I took Chris for a late father’s day dinner/movie date and decided on the India Quay since it was close by to the IMAX.  I had been there before and know it’s a great choice for just a really good Indian meal.

We ate a lot…

A sharing platter of starters (not pictured), 2 different curries with rice and naan.  We were absolutely stuffed but it was worth it!



Krispy Kreme

Now I’m not sure if this really qualifies as eating out but I had a coffee and donut with Kathi in Krispy Kreme and I loved it so it’s made it onto the post!

Chocolate dreamcake for her and PB&J for me!




I pity people that don’t enjoy eating out as much as I do…it’s just so great!


Pum x






Pum update…Busy June

Waw…it’s only when I’ve sat down to write this post that I’ve realised how much fun I’ve had in June so far!

A lot of amazing food and spending time with friends and family, here’s my roundup of all recent things diet and exercise…

Eating In

Cooking for myself I’ve been fairly consistent in keeping up with salads and increasing my veg intake.  Although I really can’t get enough feta cheese which is upping the calories but it just tastes sooooo yum.


I’m also lucky that Josh likes to cook (and admittedly is good at it).  Last night he adapted a prawn and smoked sausage recipe from Pinterest that was really tasty (albeit a bit too spicy for me…blew my head off!).



This month it was my big sister Biff’s birthday and she came home for a visit from Singapore.  Over the weekend that she was here there was a lot of eating!  My mum and Chris put on some food for the family and the highlight for me definitely was the carrot cake birthday cake…amazing!




Eating Out

Carrying on from above since Biff was over for such a short time we had a few meals out to celebrate her birthday, not seeing her since December, my Papa’s birthday and father’s day.

We had brunch in Forgan’s in St Andrews (full breakfast not pictured, it was wolfed down too quickly)

Then it was Scotts in Troon for lunch (always a winner…those mussels were to die for)

And to round off the long weekend it was Harvey Nichols (starting point of all brilliant shopping days in Edinburgh) and Tigerlily

I’ve also enjoyed a couple of delicious meals with friends.

CAU (unbelievable steaks) and Paesano (ohhh the pizza) both in Glasgow



In spite of the above decadence I’ve managed to keep up a fair amount (and varying forms) of exercise this month.

I went down to Lake Windermere with friends for a weekend and tried kayaking for the first time which I loved!

I’ve kept up the walking as planned and also continued my gym-going with a lot of boxing, TRX and stability ball work.


Keeping track of my steps and still aiming for the 10k per day!


My weight hasn’t really changed over the past few months which to be honest I’m happy with.  I’m having a great time enjoying myself and think I’ve struck a pretty good balance between health and indulgence.

I treated myself to a new dress for a wedding coming up and still comfortable in a UK size 12 which I think it a better indication than weight anyways (sorry for the poor picture quality, I’m sure I’ll have better photos after the wedding).



Pum x

Pum update…Spring and Eats

I’m currently still enjoying a lovely long weekend and thought I’d spend some time relaxing and writing a wee blog update.

It finally feels like Spring!  I was staying in Gleneagles for a couple of overnights and the weather was just great.  It was so nice wandering around the grounds, taking the dog a walk and soaking up the sun in the outdoor pool.

We enjoyed some absolutely amazing food but perhaps due to the classy surroundings or just because I was in good company I completely forgot to take any snaps of the food at all!  Rest assured I enjoyed plenty seafood, beef, venison and some seriously delicious desserts (in my element hello!) as well as gorgeous wines paired to the meal and a fair few cocktails…



I then went on to Loch Lomond to meet my mum for an overnight at Inverbeg.  We did a couple long walks down into Luss and again enjoyed some good food (a little less fine dining and more comfort food, totally perfect after a tiring day).

I had the battered haddock and chips then lemon posset and my mum had the hake, so yummy…




We went more walking and then a bit of shopping this morning, stopping to refuel of course at Jenners at Loch Lomond Shores.


Such an amazing weekend I feel very spoiled and very happy!!


You might be thinking this isn’t exactly a pumdiets kind of weekend but as I knew it was coming (and that it would be very food focussed) last week I enjoyed some lighter meals (with the exception of an amazing curry night at my friend Kate’s house).

Greek salad with chicken…


Sweet potato, eggs, spinach with almond basil pesto


Homemade seafood paella (Josh’s recipe not mine)…


Plus a really delicious lean beef chilli my friend Emma cooked with a lovely salad that I gobbled before taking a picture woops (note to self get that recipe!).

It is all about balance after all…


Pum x



Pum reminiscing…Callander Walks

A couple of weekends ago I ventured out and braved the cold Scottish weather to get some fresh air and exercise with my bezzie Catriona.  We decided to drive up to Callander and do some hillwalking and get a nice lunch.  Whenever I do something like this I always tell myself off for not doing it more often, I always have fun during and feel great after!…says she from the couch (I am nursing a sore head/ear/throat so that’s my excuse today).

We did the Callander Crags walk which is fairly short but quite steep.  It was sooo cold that day, it had been snowing that week so it was a bit of a risk to do this but the ground was hard and frosty so really it was perfect.


It was pretty windy at the top as evidenced by our pink faces…


Once we had finished this climb we still had a little energy so went on to do the walk to Bracklinn Falls.  This was such a good idea because the falls were so beautiful and there was a lovely bridge overlooking them giving a great view, so pretty.



Now it would be a rare pumdiets post for me not to mention food…

After we were suitably knackered from our walk we went to Mhor Bread a bakery with a tearoom that I can’t recommend enough!

I had a macaroni pie with baked beans and a Belgian chocolate tart.  Both were amazing!

Sorry for the bad pictures I couldn’t contain myself any longer and had to dive in face first…




As I said, heading outdoors with a friend is such a good way to stay active.  There’s so many days where I look outside and think the weather’s too bad to do anything like that but really if you wrap up warm and get the waterproofs on the only thing stopping me is me!


Pum x

Pum reminiscing…My Not-So-Healthy Birthday Week

I recently blogged about my amazing trip to Belfast over my birthday weekend but also hinted that my birth-day had turned into a birth-week!


I managed to squeeze a lot into my week off work but most of it was not healthy at all…

The Good

Starting with the good, I actually managed to fit in some exercise which is a win for me during any holiday!

On Monday I did a 5km run, it was beautiful weather but I struggled with the cold on my throat and teeth.  Having done most of my running this year in milder weather this is just something I’m going to need to get used to.


On Tuesday I was visiting my beautiful but crazy nieces (aged 1 and 3) so there was a lot of running about and climbing involved, definitely some calories burned!


Wednesday to Friday I went away with my mum on a lovely trip to Lochearnhead.  We managed to fit in a 10 mile walk with amazing scenery as well as 50 lengths of the pool on our spa day to Forrest Hills.


On Saturday I did an approx. 10km walk.  This was meant to be a 5km run but my hip was feeling a bit wonky so I increased the distance and slowed the pace way down instead.


There was also the discover of a new ‘healthy’ and so delicious snack, Metcalfe’s cinnamon sweet skinny popcorn.  I tried to stick to porridge for breakfast in the hotel and at the spa day the lunch provided was a very healthy bento box.


The Bad (but oh so delicious)

Healthy eating was for the most part completely out the window this week.  On my trip with mum we enjoyed; macaroni cheese, sausage and mash, wine, beer and cocktails.

I also had a birthday dinner with my best friends Vivi and Jordan when I was back in Glasgow on Friday night in Bar Slouch where the portions were humongous…I actually can’t believe how many chips I ate.

On top of that last night I went to a ‘Come Dine With Me’ night with the girls from my old work.  Such a brilliant idea everyone bringing a dish, the food was all amazing but likely not too light as we enjoyed beef chili nachos, tomato and olive bruschetta, steak and chicken fajitas (and we’ll come back to the desserts!).

Oh has anyone tried the new Marks and Spencer Winter Berry & Prosecco crisps?!  I’m not a crisp person and I easily demolished half a bag of these before asking my mum to take them from me.  Dangerously good!


The Ugly (Pum’s sugar rush)

So I’m not actually sure what came over me this week but the least healthy part of my birthday week off was definitely how much sugar I consumed.

On Monday my gran had made her wonderful birthday cake (an annual request) of which I enjoyed a generous slice.


On Tuesday before I headed up to Lochearnhead with mum she remembered she had a voucher for afternoon tea at Lodge on the Loch (which was on the way conveniently) so we booked in and tucked in to Prosecco, sandwiches, scones, brownies, strawberry tarts and lemon drizzle cake!


Wednesday to Friday on our trip away I managed to have dessert both nights (apple pie with custard and sticky toffee pudding with ice cream) and convince myself that a post 10 mile walk hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows) was allowed.


Saturday was ‘Come Dine With Me’ night and I was on the desserts.  I didn’t want to disappoint so went completely over the top baking a ridiculous chocolate fudge cake with a nutella cream icing centre, a chocolate fudge icing coating, mars bar towers, milk chocolate pretzels and white chocolate buttons.


How completely unnecessary, but if you’re looking for something sweet, decadent and impressive it does the job!

So it’s safe to say I overindulged this week and I’m sure Monday’s weigh-in will reflect that.  I had such a brilliant week though and am hoping over the next few weeks I can get my act together and enjoy some healthy recipes and up my exercise to balance things out.

Pum x