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Pum update…Week 1 January DONE (again)

Having been forced back into routine very early on the 3rd of January I’ll admit it has actually been nice having some structure again after the festive madness.  I remember well the feeling of achievement getting through my first healthy week of 2016 by writing ‘Pum update…Week 1 January DONE’.

I’m at it again and while there has been a few stray Christmas chocolates, a sticky toffee pudding incident and a couple of glasses of wine consumed, for the most part I’ve gone into January with a healthy mind-set.


Last week’s fitness rundown:

  • Tuesday (1st day back at work)
    • 5 mins cross trainer warm up
    • boxing sets of jabs, uppers, hooks and a squat combination
    • low-key for starting back but my legs felt it!
  • Wednesday
    • Insanity fitness test DVD
    • I piggybacked on my team-member’s workout, it was tough but I did feel great having done it.
  • Thursday
    • Weights circuit (deadlifts, squats, pull-downs, bench-press, tricep-curls and Russian twists)
    • I really like the weights circuit I follow, I start at the back of the gym and work my way towards the exit!
  • Friday
    • 30 mins cross trainer workout.
  • Saturday
    • 7 mile walk at Loch Katrine.



I’m back on the oats wagon and have mainly been having porridge or overnight oats for breakfast.  They fill me up and are perfect if I’m going to the gym over lunchtime as I don’t ever feel weak or queasy (which I sometimes do if I’ve not had enough to eat).


I’ve also been having soup every day for lunch.  Last week’s choice was a lovely homemade roast butternut squash and parsnip blended soup (roasted with plenty smoked paprika) – very yummy!  The only downside to this is that I don’t seem to be the only one making fresh healthy soups as the queue for the microwave in work has doubled!

Despite having a bit of a focus on healthy eating I’ve still managed to have some really nice dinners.  Josh was a star last week and pretty much had my dinner ready for me every night (due to year-end madness in work).  We had duck, chicken, and sea bass throughout the week.  I also got a chance to use my new Denby bowls (I already had the shallow ones but my mum got me the big deep ones for Christmas, perfect for stir-fry).



All in all it has been a week of balance, no extreme January crash diets but getting back into a good routine!


Pum x


Pum update…Gymwear Wishlist

I feel in need of a workout wardrobe refresh and here’s what I’ve got my eye on.  Somebody pry the credit card from my hand!!


Gym Leggings

My favourite of all gymwear, I do love a good pair of leggings!  The best place for leggings IMHO is H&M.  Affordable, comfortable and fashionable with a great selection, I don’t tend to deviate from here.

I noticed a couple of newbies to the collection that I’m keen to acquire…


Sports Bras

Now these bras mentioned here are not only on my wish-list but on my must-have list.  Serena Williams has named and promoted the brand of sports bras that she has used throughout her career, Berlei.  I had never heard of this Australian brand before and was intrigued…but half expecting an ugly industrial strength crop top!

Well I couldn’t have been more wrong!



Berlei has such pretty designs in a brilliant range of sizes, and delivers to the UK woo! 

These two are currently in my basket with my finger hovering over the ‘checkout’ button (must resist, holidays to pay for!)



Workout Tops

Now I know this is completely buying into a brand name but if these gorgeous tops make me feel even remotely like an angel while working out I’m in.

I’ve never bought anything from the Victoria Secret’s Sport range but I’m seriously tempted.


I’m still super happy with the Adidas Ultra Boost that I got for Christmas last year and the best thing about them is they go with pretty much all gymwear!



Will keep you updated of any purchases!


Pum x

Pum recommends…TRX Training

Before I started regularly going to the gym I’d never heard of, let alone tried, TRX training.  Initially the contraption looked scary and one I’d stay far away from at the gym.  Then after being shown how to use it plus a few simple exercises by one of my lovely gym instructors I have really enjoyed bringing this into my workouts.

TRX basically uses suspension to make normally bodyweight exercises much tougher.  It’s great for strength training but you can also incorporate cardio/plyo moves.

The best thing about TRX is that it can be used most places; in the gym, at home or traveling.  You just need to set it up over something like a door that can be fixed or even a sturdy tree if you like to workout outside.  The website here gives you all the info you need to set up.

Here’s some of the basic moves I like to use.  After a couple of circuits with 10-20 reps each you’ll be feeling the burn for sure!


One leg squat

Using the TRX for support, lift one leg and squat low.


One leg lunge

Secure one leg in the TRX and lunge low (balance is key in this one).


Standing row

Use the TRX to pull your body upright (the lower the starting point the harder).


Jump squat

Similar to a normal jump squat, the support of the TRX will help you squat lower and jump higher.


Standing press

I think of this as a standing push-up (the lower the starting point the harder).


Plank variations

Securing your feet in the TRX and planking is tough enough but there are so many variations such as; swinging forward and backwards, reaching out and tapping alternate hands and bringing your knees up to your chest and back down.  Definitely keeps it interesting!



For me it’s important not to get bored in the gym, especially if that’s mainly where you do your exercise.  I did a TRX workout today that my gym buddy Kasia came up with, one of us on the TRX and one using the bench then alternating.  4 different circuits with 2 exercises, 10 reps each, for 3 rounds.  Tough but fun!


If you’ve not tried it I definitely recommend checking out if your gym stocks the equipment and having a go!  The full professional kit can be quite expensive to buy but there are much cheaper alternatives out there from the likes of Amazon, Argos and even Aldi if you decide it’s for you.


Pum x

Pum update…WIAW

Well it’s been a few months since I did a WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) post and seeing as it’s Wednesday…

I was pretty organised today and brought my breakfast, lunch and snacks to work.  Recently it’s been a hit or a miss whether I make or buy my breakfast/lunch but I definitely feel the benefit both financially and weight-wise when I prepare and bring my food from home.

I ate my breakfast once I got into work at 8.30am.  This was my breakfast berry smoosh and a machine coffee (bad habit but coffee was needed this morning!).

My breakfast berry smoosh is a mixture of greek yoghurt, raspberries, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds all smooshed together.

At 10.30am I had a green tea and then at 11am I was going to have a pre-gym snack but I was so busy chatting I almost missed the class completely!

Today’s gym class was a really fun but tough boxercise class.

At 1pm once I was back at my desk I had my lunch which was homemade carrot soup and  a pink grapefruit.

I LOVE pink grapefruits, so sweet I could honestly eat one after another…


At 2pm I had a tangerine and some pistachios nuts along with a mug of Feijoa tea (new delivery all the way from big sis Keeks in NZ!).


Tonight’s dinner was a bit of a ‘what do I have in the fridge/freezer?’ effort…but it turned out really tasty.

In a pan I fried off a few tomatoes and a yellow pepper.  I then added frozen mediterranean prawns from Aldi (highly recommended, super easy and only 160kcal for a massive bag!) and stirfried until cooked through.  I served this with some buckwheat noodles.  Very good if I do say so myself!



After dinner it was a cup of milky tea and a chocolate biscuit, because why not!



So that was a pretty decent day in my opinion!

I’ve actually had a really good exercise week so far.  The weather’s getting better and I’m taking the opportunity to get outside more.

On Sunday Josh and I (and the dog) went out a lovely walk (ended up around 5 miles); Monday lunchtime I gave the gym a miss and went a powerwalk with my gym buddy Kasia; same on Tuesday lunch break and at night Josh and I went a 3 mile jog/walk that I really enjoyed (hope we keep it up I’ve let running slide a little this year); and then my boxercise class today.

One day closer to the weekend!
Pum x


Pum update…The Week’s Roundup

It’s been another busy week for me but not bad-busy, very good-busy!


I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of entertaining recently, either for a special occasion or just catching up with friends.  I do try to cook something from scratch when I’m having people over to mine (like my delicious lamb pie made last week for my friend Louise staying) but if I do, I tend to just stick to an easy starter.  Recently I’ve been serving melon with prosciutto, smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis, mixed olives and sundried tomatoes, garlic calamaris and prawns and Italian cured meats.  Not always the healthiest but some of my favourites!!



Recipe of the week

This has to be the lasagne I made for the girls (the buddies) on Wednesday.  I was so pleased with this recipe and the only tweak I made was adding some red leicester cheese to the top in the last 10 mins.


Quick dish of the week

I had dinner at my friend Catriona’s house on Thursday and she made such a delicious dinner of pastrami vegetable courgettie.  It basically was all of your favourite veg together in a wok with plenty of garlic, some pastrami for an amazing flavour served over courgettie.  She is good to me!



This is a little peek at Monday’s workout.  I’m now starting to enjoy the added cardio and wish I’d started incorporating it sooner.  I wouldn’t say I’m seeing the benefit in terms of weight loss however my eating has been way off (see above lasagne cheese fest) and I’m not putting weight on so it clearly is helping me keep the balance.



Surprise surprise you won’t find me straying from my trusted porridge when the weather’s as bad as it had been.   This morning’s was porridge made with water, almond butter, sunflower seeds and honey…yum!



Literally 10 minutes after writing my Valentine’s day post last Sunday the doorbell went and I was surprised by a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a certain someone.  I’d like to think that’s good karma arriving my way…


So pretty…



Such a good week, happy Pum!


Pum x

Pum recommends…Yoga with Adriene

It seems like a while since I’ve done a blog post but it’s actually been less than a week!  It’s been quite a busy (but fun) week for me with lots going on, spending a lot of time with friends and this evening I was asked to be, wait for it…

bridesmaid (WOO) for my amazing friend Sarah, so exciting!!!

In the midst of all this excitement though there’s one thing that I really want to rave about and that’s the Yoga with Adriene videos that I’ve been doing and loving!



I discovered Adriene’s videos a while back, before pumdiets and any concept of health in my life.  Because I didn’t prioritise exercise of any kind I quickly forgot about them…

That was until I came across Adriene’s Yoga Camp and thought this would be brilliant to do in the evenings before bed (on my brand new 48inch tv do you like??).



I’m now halfway through the 30 day video series and am soooo feeling the benefit from it.  I go to bed fully stretched off, more relaxed and have been having such a restful sleep.  I’ve been really good with my Monday-Thursday gym routine and it’s been quite intense, so this I’ve found it such a great way to reset and soothe my aching muscles (but also getting a good core workout at the same time). And it makes me so happy!

The thing I love about Adriene’s videos is how unintimidating and welcoming she is to all levels.  She brings a lot of humour too which surprisingly isn’t distracting from the practice.

She has such a range of videos from weight loss, to core work, to strength and right back to basic beginner level.

I recommended to my friend who’s been having a bit of trouble with her shoulder to give the videos a try and she’s already noticed an improvement in just a couple of days!!




I in no way would call myself a yogi, but if you’ve never tried yoga before you should definitely start with Adriene!


Pum x

Pum reminiscing…Callander Walks

A couple of weekends ago I ventured out and braved the cold Scottish weather to get some fresh air and exercise with my bezzie Catriona.  We decided to drive up to Callander and do some hillwalking and get a nice lunch.  Whenever I do something like this I always tell myself off for not doing it more often, I always have fun during and feel great after!…says she from the couch (I am nursing a sore head/ear/throat so that’s my excuse today).

We did the Callander Crags walk which is fairly short but quite steep.  It was sooo cold that day, it had been snowing that week so it was a bit of a risk to do this but the ground was hard and frosty so really it was perfect.


It was pretty windy at the top as evidenced by our pink faces…


Once we had finished this climb we still had a little energy so went on to do the walk to Bracklinn Falls.  This was such a good idea because the falls were so beautiful and there was a lovely bridge overlooking them giving a great view, so pretty.



Now it would be a rare pumdiets post for me not to mention food…

After we were suitably knackered from our walk we went to Mhor Bread a bakery with a tearoom that I can’t recommend enough!

I had a macaroni pie with baked beans and a Belgian chocolate tart.  Both were amazing!

Sorry for the bad pictures I couldn’t contain myself any longer and had to dive in face first…




As I said, heading outdoors with a friend is such a good way to stay active.  There’s so many days where I look outside and think the weather’s too bad to do anything like that but really if you wrap up warm and get the waterproofs on the only thing stopping me is me!


Pum x