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Pum reminiscing…The Peat Inn

Last week I mentioned that I would be dedicating a separate post to my birthday weekend at the Peat Inn, it was such a special weekend and is a place I would really recommend.  After much pestering, Josh finally told me what he was planning for my surprise birthday weekend which was an overnight stay at the Peat Inn, Michelin Star restaurant with rooms…needless to say on hearing this I was very excited!

The weekend started with a nice drive to South Queensferry for an early lunch and a short stretch of legs.  Despite being the start of October the weather was actually lovely, cold but bright.



We then headed straight up to the Peat Inn (which is just 15 minutes drive from St Andrews).  The buildings and surrounding gardens were lovely and there’s something inviting about the ‘restaurant with rooms’ set-up, where everything felt quite exclusive.



The room was huge and all the little touches just made it extra special; sherry, coffee, brownies, champagne, Belgian chocolates…I definitely felt spoiled!



After a few hours of relaxing (and trying not to stuff our faces on all the goodies before dinner) we headed to the restaurant for our tasting menu.

Neither of us are fussy so we happily accepted the menu and welcomed trying some things we might not have ordinarily ordered.




In addition to the menu were a couple of amuse-bouches to begin with (including a very delicious venison sausage roll) and petit fours to end the meal.  The highlights for me were the 2 middle dishes – the confit egg yolk and the partridge.


Picture quality is not great, possible due to inhaling my food…

I hope I’m not over-exaggerating but I enjoyed every part of the weekend at the Peat Inn; the staff were friendly but not overbearing, the bed was one of the most comfortable I’ve slept in and the modest continental breakfast served in the room was actually much needed after overindulging the night before!

We rounded off the perfect weekend with a trip to my childhood holiday location, Largo, and a wander round St Andrews.  If any foodies in Scotland are looking for a special weekend away this is somewhere I’d definitely recommend!

Pum x


Pum reminiscing…Belfast

My 25th birthday was on October 11th and I’ve had the best birthday week ever.  Yes you read that correctly I’ve managed to milk the most I can from my birthday stretching it into a whole week (yes I took it off work and that’s allowed)!  I’m even planning a dinner tonight with my friends I’ve not managed to catch up with, who do I think I am…the queen?! (Nope that would be big sis biff, Elizabeth obviously!)

I’ve been up to lots of different things but thought I’d do a little post about my weekend in Belfast with my bezzies.  This weekend was brilliant and mainly revolved around great food and drink.  I did feel my trousers a little tighter the morning after arriving home but I enjoyed myself so much I don’t regret going a bit wild.  I’ll also do a post soon about the other things I’ve been up to this week which (hopefully) will help to keep the balance.

Just to give you some context my birthday basically started last Friday when one of my lovely friends and now colleagues again (as we used to work together, I moved and now she’s joined too!) brought in birthday cake…chocolate fudgey goodness.


My team then went out for a Friday lunch to this amazing little tea room where I had…more cake!


…and a cheese and black pudding toastie…ouch so good but so bad.

After work I headed straight for the airport to meet Cat and Kirsty (my best friends from uni), hassle free quick flights from Glasgow airport meant we were in Belfast in no time.

We were all ready to go out in Belfast on the Friday night but had so much catching up to do we ended up staying in the apartment we had for the weekend, drinking and eating and having such a fun night.  We consumed a lot of wine, gin and Mexican food.  I think I’ll be copying Kirsty’s feta veggie toasted tortillas they were amazing (look out for a recipe soon)…


Saturday saw us doing some touristy site-seeing and getting in plenty of drinks at the oldest pub in Belfast, the Crown bar…worth a visit for the private booths alone.


We had a great lunch in AM:PM which consisted of some sharing boards and sweet potato fries.  The portions were massive but the food was absolutely delicious, we definitely made a good go of finishing everything off!  A bottle of wine and some cocktails helped wash it all down.


St George’s market was on the list of places Cat wanted to see so we walked along for a look.  The food on display was wonderful, I had serious trouble restraining myself.


After some shopping it was back to the apartment to get ready for the night ahead…with some prosecco of course.


If you can believe it after the day we had we still managed to go out for dinner to McHugh’s where I had a seriously good steak made all the better that I cooked it myself on a hot stone (1 min each side please!).  Dessert and Irish coffees followed, of course.


After drinking until late in bars the Sunday (my actual birthday) saw us slightly worse for wear and looking for a good brunch to bring us back to life.  Maggie May’s did the trick and as you can see from the pictures we did not hold back in the slightest.


I even went all out sugar rush with this hot chocolate (hey it was my birthday)…


A short walk around the Botanic gardens and then it was back home to Glasgow.  All in all a fantastic trip, I think we struck the right balance of site-seeing, shopping, eating, drinking and absorbing the culture without being completely done in.

Belfast I feel this is not the last time you’ll be seeing me…


Pum x