Pumspiration…Recent Eats April

I can’t believe it’s nearly May, cliché but this year is flying in!

Thought it was about time I did a roundup of my recent meals.  I’m pleased to say I’m back in the gym having gone 4 days last week and 4 days this week…so back into my usual routine which I’m really enjoying.

Food-wise I’ve been eating well.  And by well I don’t necessarily mean ‘healthy’, but I’ve had some delicious meals recently and am caring a bit less about the ‘bad’ ones…or just happy to find a bit of balance!

Here goes…

Porridge Queen

Yes I’m still very much enjoying my porridge! A recent favourite being oats made with water and vanilla protein powder, chia seeds and topped with almond butter dried fruit and pistachios…


Speaking of pistachios, I can’t seem to get enough of them.  I know they’re quite high calorie but I try to stick to them in the morning to give me a good amount of energy before the lunchtime gym classes.



New Recipes

I mentioned in a recent post here that I was dying to try this recipe for 20 minute basil cashew chicken and it did not disappoint.  So easy and really tasty!!  Highly recommend!



Eating Out

I have been eating out a little more than usual but somehow I keep forgetting to snap my meals (I love it but I know some people don’t like folk taking food pictures!).  I went for a meal with my mum and Chris last week and ordered a chicken and chorizo risotto…a bit naughty but worth it.



Eating with Friends

I’ve mentioned before but I’m really lucky to have a few friends that really know how to pull a dish together.  I recently had dinner at Catriona’s where she threw together a wrap-pizza in a matter of minutes that was just what we needed on an early summer’s night dining in the garden (on that note it’s snowing today in Scotland…make up your mind weather!!!).


This week I’ve also been round to Sarra’s where she made immense fresh Vietnamese spring rolls.  The picture does not do justice, this was before assembly of the spring rolls but I was just too keen to tuck in!



Sweets have been a bit of an enemy the past few weeks.  I just keep getting offered so many treats!  Cheesecake that my boyfriend’s mum saved for me, dumpling from my papa’s birthday (2 nights in a row), soooo much chocolate in work…help I can’t resist!


Oh well gotta have balance and still fitting happily into my smaller sized clothes so I won’t complain too much.



Pum x



3 thoughts on “Pumspiration…Recent Eats April

  1. Angela

    It’s all about balance, gotta treat yourself!! Your food pics always leave my mouth watering. You look fab! Xo
    I’ve nominated you for an award if you want to check out my page ❤️

    Liked by 1 person


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