Pumspiration…Current ‘To Try’ Recipes

What a couple of weeks it’s been…not bad just busy both in work and socially!

The gym’s been sliding a bit as I’ve not been feeling 100% and I’ve not been all that adventurous with my cooking (few sickness issues but just need to get used to my sensitive stomach I think).  Soooo in light of this I’ve been keenly reading my favourite blogs and saving the recipes I can’t wait to try soon!

Nourishing Amelia

Spring Quinoa Lemon & Herb Salad

I’m still loving my homemade soup for lunch but if (and that’s a big if) the weather changes for the better I bet this quinoa salad would make for a welcome change.



Half Baked Harvest

20 Minute Basil Cashew Chicken

I love the flavours of both basil and cashew nuts so I’m looking forward to trying this combination!



Gimme Some Oven

My All-Time Favourite Gumbo

I have NEVER tried, let alone cooked gumbo.  But any time I hear mention of it (e.g. in a film…Bubba’s mumma’s gumbo anyone?) I have a total craving for it!

When I saw this come up on one of my favourite blogs I knew this was one for me to try.



Skinny Kitchen

Skinny Chicken and Spinach Quiche

The recipes on Skinny Kitchen are great because they have a really useful nutritional guide section…take this quiche, it only has 227 kcal per portion.  While I don’t usually calorie count I think this would be a fab recipe to save for days I’m wanting to cut back a little!




I could spend hours looking through blogs for foodie inspiration, I just love it!  Any new blogs I should have a look at?


Pum x



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