Pum update…Buys, Gifts, Eats and Beauty

New Purchases

After an embarrassing gym leggings ripping incident last week (yes at the crotch!) I decided it was about time I topped up my gym wardrobe and took a visit to H&M.

I love H&M’s gymwear, it’s so reasonable and I find so well-fitting.

I picked up 2 tops and a pair of gym leggings (which I really love because they’re high-waisted plus a drawstring tie…nothing worse mid-burpee having to readjust!).  Hopefully this will tide me over for a bit.



My amazing mum just treated me to some gorgeous plates from the halo collection I just love by Denby.  I’m determined to complete the collection by the end of 2016!


Such a beautiful design.



Eating Out

I had an absolutely brilliant meal at Porter & Rye in Finnieston during the week.  We shared the scallops to start which were just perfect.  I then had a fillet steak (rare obviously), served with aged barbeque sauce and truffle fries and Josh had the ribeye steak, langoustines, béarnaise sauce and beef dripping handcut chips.

We also tucked into a fair few cocktails!!

All delicious, I’d highly recommend.



To chop or not to chop?  I loved my hair when I first got it cut and it’s now getting to that mid-length decide to grow, maintain or chop stage.

I need to find a new muse!!




Still loving my cooking, I’m recently getting really into making different kinds of sauces and dressings with my nutribullet.

I made an awesome almond pesto that I served with trout and brown nice, so yum!

I’ll blog this soon…



I feel like I’ve been so busy lately but things are going well, happy spell for Pum!

Have a great week ahead!!


Pum x




8 thoughts on “Pum update…Buys, Gifts, Eats and Beauty

  1. Angela

    I love H&M for gym gear too, you are looking fab in them 🙂
    Those plates are gorge! I cut my hair recently but still not sure whether I should be brave and just go shorter! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lynne hoareau

    Hmmmm, gym stuff is super cool, love it. The plates are amazing! Food, always looks good, you know what to eat for sure, your hair, that is a difficult one…guess you have to just make a decision and go with it. Good thing is, if you cut it and you want it longer, it will grow…sorry, I am no help, but whatever I know you will look good 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. parentified

    I’m a fan of long hair, not that you can tell from my avi lol. I think it’s more feminine. And if younger cutting it before it gets long you’ll literally never know if you like/love longer hair! 🙅🏻💇

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Elizabeth

    That almond pesto looks yum, def need to post the recipe. Liking the H&M gear… I just splurged on H&M gym stuff out here too! Glad you liked Porter & Rye… we should go when I’m home ! 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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