Pum recommends…Super Salmon

I’ve spoken about my love of eating fish on pumdiets before and showed you some easy cod dinners that I’ve enjoyed cooking and eating here.   While I do enjoy most varieties of fish, salmon is definitely the most common fish I eat at home.  I cook with it a lot because I find it so easy and quick to prepare and it always seems to turn out great!

Number one for me is taste above all else when it comes to the food I eat and I love the flavour of salmon (although I know it’s not for everyone).

But the added bonus with salmon is the amazing health benefits it provides.  Salmon is lower in saturated fat than beef but still rich in protein.  It’s also packed full of omega-3 fats and it great for heart health.

The way I always cook salmon is wrapping it in foil and oven baking for 15-20 mins.  Into the foil parcel I’ll add salt, pepper, lemon and spices (smoked paprika or oregano are my favourites!).  I’ll then serve it alongside some form of carb and plenty veg for a good balanced meal!

Here’s some of my easy salmon dinners…

Peri-Peri Salmon with Wholewheat Couscous and Salad


Lemon Salmon with Sweet Potato Mash, Broccoli and Cottage Cheese

salmon sweet potato

Flaked Salmon with Edemame Quinoa Salad


Simple Salmon with Peppery Wholewheat Couscous and Fresh Tomatoes

salmon dinner


If you’re scared of cooking fish at home I’d recommend starting with salmon, it’s easy to tell when it’s done (just have a peek at the middle to make sure it’s no longer bright pink and raw) and requires very little preparation (a few additions to amp up the flavour and you’re good to go)!

Pum x


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