Pum update…The Week’s Roundup

It’s been another busy week for me but not bad-busy, very good-busy!


I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of entertaining recently, either for a special occasion or just catching up with friends.  I do try to cook something from scratch when I’m having people over to mine (like my delicious lamb pie made last week for my friend Louise staying) but if I do, I tend to just stick to an easy starter.  Recently I’ve been serving melon with prosciutto, smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis, mixed olives and sundried tomatoes, garlic calamaris and prawns and Italian cured meats.  Not always the healthiest but some of my favourites!!



Recipe of the week

This has to be the lasagne I made for the girls (the buddies) on Wednesday.  I was so pleased with this recipe and the only tweak I made was adding some red leicester cheese to the top in the last 10 mins.


Quick dish of the week

I had dinner at my friend Catriona’s house on Thursday and she made such a delicious dinner of pastrami vegetable courgettie.  It basically was all of your favourite veg together in a wok with plenty of garlic, some pastrami for an amazing flavour served over courgettie.  She is good to me!



This is a little peek at Monday’s workout.  I’m now starting to enjoy the added cardio and wish I’d started incorporating it sooner.  I wouldn’t say I’m seeing the benefit in terms of weight loss however my eating has been way off (see above lasagne cheese fest) and I’m not putting weight on so it clearly is helping me keep the balance.



Surprise surprise you won’t find me straying from my trusted porridge when the weather’s as bad as it had been.   This morning’s was porridge made with water, almond butter, sunflower seeds and honey…yum!



Literally 10 minutes after writing my Valentine’s day post last Sunday the doorbell went and I was surprised by a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a certain someone.  I’d like to think that’s good karma arriving my way…


So pretty…



Such a good week, happy Pum!


Pum x


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