Pum’s take on…Valentine’s Day

As a single girl, Valentine’s day shouldn’t be affecting me too much.  But sitting here eating my Sunday oats I am feeling the love!  I wanted to take the opportunity on this day of love to acknowledge all the amazing girls in my life that constantly support and encourage me.

(UPDATE…as chances would happen very soon after writing this post I found myself not so single and paired up with an amazing guy…I should definitely tempt fate more often!)

I’m so lucky to have a wide variety of great friends and family (that feel like friends).  In and out of relationships I’ve always made the effort not to forget my friends, because they’re the ones that are there throughout and I think the reason why, at this age where your friends might start to deplete, I still have a NUMBER of ‘best’ friends.

So many of them have been really encouraging and responsive to my attempt at a healthier lifestyle and for this I’m so grateful.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard comments such as ‘just eat it’ ‘ don’t get obsessed’ ‘urgh that’s boring’…but never from my girls!

So here’s to all my girls…









So if Valentine’s day isn’t really for you, don’t forget to think about all the other lovers in your life!

Have a great day!


Pum x


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