Pum recommends…Yoga with Adriene

It seems like a while since I’ve done a blog post but it’s actually been less than a week!  It’s been quite a busy (but fun) week for me with lots going on, spending a lot of time with friends and this evening I was asked to be, wait for it…

bridesmaid (WOO) for my amazing friend Sarah, so exciting!!!

In the midst of all this excitement though there’s one thing that I really want to rave about and that’s the Yoga with Adriene videos that I’ve been doing and loving!



I discovered Adriene’s videos a while back, before pumdiets and any concept of health in my life.  Because I didn’t prioritise exercise of any kind I quickly forgot about them…

That was until I came across Adriene’s Yoga Camp and thought this would be brilliant to do in the evenings before bed (on my brand new 48inch tv do you like??).



I’m now halfway through the 30 day video series and am soooo feeling the benefit from it.  I go to bed fully stretched off, more relaxed and have been having such a restful sleep.  I’ve been really good with my Monday-Thursday gym routine and it’s been quite intense, so this I’ve found it such a great way to reset and soothe my aching muscles (but also getting a good core workout at the same time). And it makes me so happy!

The thing I love about Adriene’s videos is how unintimidating and welcoming she is to all levels.  She brings a lot of humour too which surprisingly isn’t distracting from the practice.

She has such a range of videos from weight loss, to core work, to strength and right back to basic beginner level.

I recommended to my friend who’s been having a bit of trouble with her shoulder to give the videos a try and she’s already noticed an improvement in just a couple of days!!




I in no way would call myself a yogi, but if you’ve never tried yoga before you should definitely start with Adriene!


Pum x


8 thoughts on “Pum recommends…Yoga with Adriene

  1. lynne hoareau

    Gee thanks Pum. I have never done yoga, I have always been more into zumba and gym, but yoga is something I would love to do as well. I will definitely check out Adrienes’ yoga, thanks for the links…..looks awesome on your 48″ …:-)

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