Pum recommends…Pip & Nut

I made an amazing discovery, for me a nutbutteraholic, in Sainsburys the other day where I found that they are stocking Pip & Nut!  Woohoo!

I’ve been wanting to try these nut butters for so long now.  I came across the brand on instagram (@pipandnut) and have been drooling over the nutty creations for ages.  I kept meaning to buy them but I was put off having to order them online and pay delivery.  Fret no more because now I know exactly where to purchase from now on.

I bought 2 jars of the Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter and 2 jars of the Coconut Almond Butterfor no other reason than I was really excited.

These both taste AMAZING and brilliantly have no palm oil.  I was curious though that the texture is much smoother than the Meridian nutbutters I normally use (and also love) and this is because Pip & Nut has some coconut oil in too…genius!

The morning after the purchase I was so keen to try.  I topped my bowl of almond milk porridge with a spoonful of the good stuff along with a little squirt of Choc Shot (a naughty addition but only 14 kcal per tsp.) and it was magnificent!


Would you just look at that swirl…



Now I’ve had a couple of friends say to me recently that nut butters seem interesting but what on earth do you do with them?!  I did a post a while back about my love for nut butters here but here’s a little recap of my favourite ways to use it…

How Pum uses nut butter

  • spread onto hot dark rye toast
  • swirled into porridge
  • stuffed in medjool dates
  • mixed into greek yoghurt
  • as a topping on overnight oats
  • spread onto ryvita/buckwheat cakes with a little cinnamon
  • as a dip for fruit (cut up apple, pear, persimmon and dunk)
  • to add flavour and good fats to smoothies
  • drizzled over protein pancakes

I seriously don’t know how people snack without nut butter…like really what do you eat?


Pum x



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