Pum reminiscing…Callander Walks

A couple of weekends ago I ventured out and braved the cold Scottish weather to get some fresh air and exercise with my bezzie Catriona.  We decided to drive up to Callander and do some hillwalking and get a nice lunch.  Whenever I do something like this I always tell myself off for not doing it more often, I always have fun during and feel great after!…says she from the couch (I am nursing a sore head/ear/throat so that’s my excuse today).

We did the Callander Crags walk which is fairly short but quite steep.  It was sooo cold that day, it had been snowing that week so it was a bit of a risk to do this but the ground was hard and frosty so really it was perfect.


It was pretty windy at the top as evidenced by our pink faces…


Once we had finished this climb we still had a little energy so went on to do the walk to Bracklinn Falls.  This was such a good idea because the falls were so beautiful and there was a lovely bridge overlooking them giving a great view, so pretty.



Now it would be a rare pumdiets post for me not to mention food…

After we were suitably knackered from our walk we went to Mhor Bread a bakery with a tearoom that I can’t recommend enough!

I had a macaroni pie with baked beans and a Belgian chocolate tart.  Both were amazing!

Sorry for the bad pictures I couldn’t contain myself any longer and had to dive in face first…




As I said, heading outdoors with a friend is such a good way to stay active.  There’s so many days where I look outside and think the weather’s too bad to do anything like that but really if you wrap up warm and get the waterproofs on the only thing stopping me is me!


Pum x


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