Pum’s tips…A Creamy Coconutty Porridge

I can never go too long without a new porridge post can I?

This morning in Scotland is very snowy and it is beautiful…but also obviously very very cold!

Lying in bed I was sent pictures of the dogs out walking in the snow by Chris and I got up and looked outside to the equally snowy view from my flat and knew just what I wanted for breakfast.  Porridge!


Jade in the snow



View from my window this morning


Recently I’ve been making my porridge with a new milk for me, the mix of coconut and almond milk from Alpro which was recommended by Catriona as having the delicious coconut flavour but with the creamier consistency of almond milk.  She was so right!  This is just perfect in porridge and how I’ve been having mine most days since the discovery.

Simply use 1 cup of the coconut and almond milk with 1/2 cup oats and you will have a yummy and creamy coconut flavoured porridge.

Topped with your favourite fruit, this is some breakfast!




Pum x


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