Pumspiration…From 2015 To 2016

Today on the 1st of January 2016 I’m feeling great!

Relaxed, thankful and content with life.

I rang in the new year with amazing friends and family…


..and tequila!


Today I’ve just chilled out, ate loads, watched films and also got some fresh air and a nice walk in with my sis.  Despite being pretty lazy I don’t feel any guilt or sadness which is a complete contrast to how I felt at the beginning of 2015 where I decided to take action and get healthier.



My resolution for 2016?


Keep going with all the great things I’ve managed to accomplish in 2015…

I’m loving where I am with my work right now so keep going and continue to be happy there.

I’m feeling happier with my health than ever before and I want to do more, stay focussed, increase fitness and lose more weight to get my BMI down because I know I’ll just feel so much better if I can achieve these things.

This year I’ve learned a lot about relationships.  I may not have met my other half yet (and be lagging behind where everybody I have ever met is seemingly getting engaged, married or taking steps to further their already serious relationships) but I have so many wonderful friendships and family relationships that I wouldn’t trade for anyone new to come into my life right now.  There are some real standout girls that know who they are who I love, and there are some disappointments that I’ve learned I just need to shake off and reflect on what amazing relationships I do have.

I don’t quite have the travel bug like my sisters both seem to but 2015 took me to Dubai, Belfast, Harry Potter Studios, Barcelona, Milan, Lisbon and Disneyland Paris.  I’m hoping 2016 takes me to Singapore and New Zealand to visit my sisters and also a girls city break trip (destination to be decided).

So much excitement to come, it’s just easier in life to be happy so here’s to a happy, healthy 2016!


Pum x




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