Pum update…Christmas Roundup

Christmas day is over and aren’t we all feeling a bit like Mac?  It all got a bit much for the wee lad…


Just kidding he’s always this lazy!  Onto the post…



Ok so I’ve decided to start with food for this Christmas Roundup post not because it is the main focus of my blog but because it has been the source of serious highs and lows over this festive period.

Food is one of my great loves, that’s no secret.  But over the past year I’ve started learning that it can be a real enemy too…

This holiday I was very sick from the early hours of boxing day for pretty much 36 hours straight (as in could barely keep water down).  What people (i.e. my mum and stepdad) are telling me is that I overindulged and it was just my body’s way of telling me that I overdid it.  That may be so but I didn’t eat any more or any worse than the rest of my family and definitely not more than I did in the years past.

It might be that having changed my eating habits over the past year (for the better) my body can’t handle the same rich foods it could have before.  I’ve been sick more frequently this year than I can ever remember before and I’ve tried to understand the reasons why but there doesn’t seem to be a common denominator.  It’s really frustrating and actually starting to get to me!  I’m going to be giving this some thought and channelling this into my resolutions for 2016 (understanding the triggers better and learning how to say no).

Despite this hiccup the run up to Christmas and Christmas day itself was wonderful.  A lot of this was down to the food I enjoyed with my family and friends…

Amazing dessert at Guys restaurant in Glasgow on Christmas Eve for my uncle’s birthday


Christmas dinner cooked by my mum and stepdad


Christmas desserts of trifle and white chocolate cherry cheesecake made by my stepdad


Since boxing day I’ve really been taking it easy and mainly eating soup, fruit, porridge (made with water) and tonight I had my first real meal which was so yummy, check it out:


I feel so much better now thank goodness!



I was absolutely spoiled on Christmas day and received countless amazing gifts from my family and friends.

Luckily for me (and my tummy) some of these were health focussed to give me the kick I need in the new year to get back on track.

Here’s just some of the wonderful gifts I received…

Adidas Ultraboost (yuss so excited to get these babies)


Soupmaker (thanks gran, definitely will come in handy for the January detox!)


New wristbands for my vivofit2 (love these colours)










Jamie’s Everyday Super Foods book (I’ve already attempted this recipe which was an instant success so excited to try the rest: https://pumdiets.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/pums-favourite-recipes-healthy-berry-stuffed-french-toast/ )


And so many more presents including; Superga trainers, Elemis skincare, Clarins bodycare, Dior perfume, Linea glasses and placemats, black skinny jeans, chopping board, necklace, ring, bracelet, DUMBLEDORE mug, candles, photo frame with my favourite Paris picture of my sisters and oh so much chocolate!




This festive period really was family time for us.  With one sister home from New Zealand and returning there on the 4th of January, and another sister moving to Singapore on the 30th of December I wanted to make sure we were all together this holiday.  Our brilliant trip to Disneyland Paris made sure we spent quality time together but we also spent a lot of time with our wider family mainly for my uncle’s 50th birthday.  I’m really lucky to have the family I have and know that despite not having a perfect life at least I’m more well off than most in this respect.

One gift I omitted from the list above was probably not the most expensive but might just be the most cherished.  My oldest sister got a bracelet made for each of us with our nicknames engraved (Biff, Keeks and of course Pum).  We may fight occasionally but I know I’m going to miss them both loads when they leave (again!).



New Years

So now I’m looking forward to New Years Eve!  I’m having my friends and my sister’s friends all round for a party at my flat and the bar is almost fully stocked, almost…



Hangover cures at the ready…


Pum x




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