Pum’s tips…Beat the Bloat

Everyone that knows me knows that I have an incredibly sweet sweet-tooth.  I will almost always choose sweet over salty…so I wonder if this is why, when I do eat a lot of salty foods, that I really feel the bloat!!

There is a real distinction for me between overeating and feeling a little heavier than normal and feeling bloated.  For me feeling bloated is a horrible feeling and I want to do nothing more than lie still on my back all day.  However after a bit of research I’ve discovered the best solution for me to recover and feel back to normal quickly; hydration and potassium.

Drinking plenty of water and eating potassium-rich foods helps to combat the excess salt in your body and I’ve found makes me feel so much better.

So to beat the bloat try drinking water with lemon, coconut water and eating a banana.


Or better yet a potassium-packed smoothie like my Perfect Papaya Green Smoothie.




Those are my main tips that I’ve tried and do work for me, but there are some other great ones in posts I’ve found on my favourite blogs that are definitely worth a read too:


As I said I don’t actually eat salty foods all that often but I know over this festive period I will be so I’m hoping that armed with this advice the after-effects won’t be so bad!


Pum x



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