Pum’s tips…The HIIT Workout

I’ve really gotten into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts recently.  I’m still loving my gym classes, but on a Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes there aren’t any classes on at my work gym.  Soooo for the last few weeks me and my gym buddy (the lovely Kasia from my work) have been taking turns coming up with workouts and have been pushing each other to work really hard.  It’s brilliant to find someone of a similar fitness level (she’s fitter than I am but I do try to keep up) to train with and motivate you…I’d definitely give up much sooner without her there!

So if you’re not too familiar with HIIT workouts there are many variations but basically it’s doing exercises to the highest intensity you can manage over a set period of time.  The main benefit of HIIT is that you are meant to continue to burn calories over the recovery period as well as when you’re actually training because your heart and metabolic rate will be elevated.

Today was the last gym session of the year for me!  I’m off to Disneyland Paris tomorrow with my mum and sisters (YAYY SO EXCITED) and then completely on the wind-down for Christmas after that.  I’m going to try and remain fairly active over the festive period but I know I’m likely to be a lot lazier than usual so I wanted 1 last great gym session today to round off the year…

Today’s HIIT Session

Each exercise high intensity for 1 minute followed by 30 seconds of rest before onto the next…

  • Fast high knees
  • Lunges with 10kg plate
  • Jump squats
  • 4*mountain climbers + 1*push-up
  • Abs cycle crunches
  • Turbo burpees (squat into burpee into push-up into tuck-jump…ouch!)
  • Squats with 10kg plate
  • Pull-ins with 10kg plate
  • Bear crawls
  • Sit up and press with a 5kg plate
  • Russian twists with a 5kg plate
  • 30 second high knee 30 second fast taps
  • Full push-ups
  • Leg bridge (30 seconds each leg raised with pulse)
  • 8*high knee + 1*air jump
  • Windmill with 12kg kettlebell
  • Frog leg crunches
  • Commandos
  • Fast burpees
  • Plank hold



This got us to 30 minutes and we usually do 40 minutes so we threw in a few extra abs exercises (donkey kicks, flutter kicks etc.) at the end.  This session was really tough and we were both dying at the end but felt so good for having done it.  Kasia and I are quite similar in that we get bored just doing squats so this type of changing workout is ideal for us both.

If anyone has any favourite HIIT exercises to share with me please do, I’m always on the lookout for new ones!!


Pum x




2 thoughts on “Pum’s tips…The HIIT Workout

    1. pumdiets Post author

      I’ve never been to an official Metafit class before (although my gym instructor does use some of the exercises) I’m intrigued definitely going to be looking this up now thanks Angela!x



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