Pum update…Sunday Thoughts and Feeling Festive

Hi December

It’s officially festive in Pum’s gaff and the tree is up!


Accompanied by my favourite decorations…


New Hair

I’ve not had my hair cut in about 6 months so thought it was time for another chop.

Here was the inspiration…


And the end result…


The right picture was taken just before the hairdressers and the left just when I got out so you can see I got quite a bit off!  I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon.

New Jacket

I couldn’t resist the recent ASOS 20% off deals and treated myself to a new jacket.  I’ve never gone for baby pink before but I was surprised how much I love it.


Snack Time

Back to obsessing over dates with almond butter, such a good combination.


It’s been a good week and I’m feeling so Christmassy the countdown to the big day is officially on!


Pum x



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