Pum update…How The Portuguese Do It

So this is a continuation of my last post ‘Pum update…How The Catalans Do it’ and should really be entitled ‘Pum update…How the Portuguese Do It aka My Love Affair with Pasteis De Nata’!

FYI: https://pumdiets.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/pum-update-how-the-catalans-do-it/

After leaving Barcelona on Wednesday we flew to Lisbon and checked into Lagoas Park Hotel in Porto Salvo Lisbon which was a really nice hotel. We got in fairly late and hadn’t eaten so just decided to do room service. As I mentioned in my Barcelona post, Wednesday’s eats were quite healthy in my books and I continued this by ordering Pumpkin Soup and Tuna Salad and boycotting all dessert options (don’t you worry this was to be remedied on Thursday and Friday).


My manager and I made an agreement to continue with the good exercise routine we had going and wake each other up to go to the gym across from the hotel. I’m so glad we did because it was a fab gym – huge and so well equipped. I managed treadmill, rower and an intense kettlebells session so felt knackered when I was done.

I was too self-conscious to take any snaps in the gym but did managed to take a picture outside the gym building, how beautiful…aren’t you impressed gym done before sunrise?!

Highly doubtful that I’ll continue this routine at home.


I was absolutely starving after this so had a doubler for breakfast; eggs and tomatoes, then muesli and yoghurt with fruit (the South-Central Europeans do love their muesli options at breakfast!).


Our office for the day was just round the corner from the hotel and was in such a stunning setting…why can’t I work here always?!


We were treated to a restaurant lunch again (lucky girls) where I had the Cod and plenty of fresh salad. The lunch options on this trip were so fresh compared to what I’m used to at home. I hate how the UK culture is to have pre-packaged sandwiches for lunch as opposed to sitting down to enjoy fresh seafood (which we have an abundance of!).

As we wanted to make the most of the last night of our trip we moved hotels AGAIN, this time into the centre of Lisbon. We checked into the Epic Sana Hotel Lisboa…this was pure 5 star luxury! Fancy coffee machine on the bedside table, chocolate truffles on the bed, shower in the middle of the room, spa toiletries in the bathroom, TV the size of the full wall…I was in hotel heaven!


Thursday night was my favourite night of the trip; Lisbon is such an amazing city and I’m 100% going to go back. The sites were beautiful, lots of great shops and so affordable in comparison to other popular European cities.


We had dinner in quite a fancy restaurant at Terreiro do Paço called Aura. The food was the best of the entire trip! We shared an Artisan Cheese Platter to start, then I had Tuna Steak with Tagliatelle and of course I had to have dessert on the last night of my trip! I don’t even remember what the dessert was called but it was extremely tasty…


On Friday morning I got up super early to enjoy the spa facilities in the hotel. As I said pure luxury! I had the pool to myself and managed 20 lengths and a good sauna/steam before breakfast.


Now breakfast…before I get onto this, do not judge me. This is an outrageous breakfast.   Are you ready?

I was desperate to try Pasteis De Nata (the famous Portuguese Custard Tarts) and was so excited when I saw these at the breakfast buffet.

Here goes…

My first plate consisted of; 2 freshly made waffles with hot Nutella, 1 Pastel De Nata, 1 yoghurt dish and mixed fruit.


This was sooooo ohmygoodnessamazingly delicious that I had to go back up and fill my plate again.

My second plate was filled with; 1 almond croissant with more hot Nutella, ANOTHER Pastel De Nata, grapes (because health obvs) and a little cake I’m not sure the name of (which to be honest I only got because it was in a martini glass).



After this wonderful breakfast it was back to the airport to return to sunny Scotland.  As you can see I’ve had an absolutely brilliant week and can’t believe that this was actually all with work! I’m a very lucky girl.

I did try to have balance and did probably the same amount of exercise as I would on a normal week, but I definitely consumed far more sugar than I should have…I admit I’m now a little scared to get on the scales again but I don’t regret one bite.

Pum x




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