Pum update…How The Catalans Do It

I’ve been travelling a little with work recently and so running on from my previous post ‘Pum update…How The Italians Do it’ about my last work trip to Milan I thought I’d do another post about my short time in Barcelona (look out for my next post on Lisbon too, it’s been a busy week!).

FYI: https://pumdiets.wordpress.com/2015/11/13/pum-update-how-the-italians-do-it/

So this week I was in Barcelona from Monday to Wednesday for work which was my first time to Barcelona and I just loved it.

My colleagues and I arrived on Monday evening and checked in to the Hotel Barcelona Catedral and quickly headed out to explore. We were, as the name suggests, right next to the Cathedral which was breath-taking. We took a wander down La Rambla and visited the food market, it was great to just soak up the atmosphere and work up an appetite.


There was a lot of walking that evening which I was pleased about after a long day of travelling. I still love tracking my steps with my vivofit2 and it was good for me to see how much walking we’d actually done.


We headed down to a restaurant called 7 Portes (this was recommended by a Spanish colleague so we knew this would be worth the trip). This restaurant is particularly famous for its Paella dishes so it would be rude not to have tried…we weren’t disappointed as the meal was just lovely.

I also indulged in an absolutely amazing dessert Crema Catalana, because when in Barcelona


On Tuesday morning I had quite a light breakfast after the guilt of the Crema Catalana and picked muesli with yoghurt and fruit from the buffet. We then worked for the day in Sant Cugat del Vallés and were taken out for lunch where I tried to be healthy and had Seabass with asparagus (so difficult when given a free lunch to be good).

After work we checked into Plaza Xavier Cugat Hotel and I managed to get in a quick gym session before dinner. I planned to do a 25 minute run at a steady pace however the Spanish treadmill had different plans for me and set me off on a crazy interval training workout!


We then headed into Sant Cugat del Vallés and took a recommendation from Tripadvisor and dined in El Vi de Du. This tiny little place was soooo good. We got mixed tapas of Cod, roasted vegetables, Anchovies, mini cannelloni, Salmon and some very tasty bread.

I then was persuaded by the amazing desserts again (I’m weak) and had one of the best desserts I’ve had in a long time, a hazelnut melt in the middle chocolate pudding with hazelnut ice-cream served with dessert wine…DELICIOUS!


On Wednesday morning I got up and headed to the gym again before breakfast…I’m quite glad that I’ve started to have a bit of internal dessert guilt as it’s making me do a lot more exercise! The treadmill was busy so I went on the exercise bike (which I never normally do) for 15 minutes then the treadmill for 10 minutes where my legs were absolute jelly, not going to do that order again anytime soon!

Wednesday eats were pretty good; more fruit and muesli for breakfast, Salmon and salad for lunch and then onto Lisbon…

So that was Barcelona! When can I go back?!

Check out my post ‘Pum update…How the Portuguese Do It’ for the rest of my week!


Pum x





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