Pumspiration…This Week’s Favourites

I really enjoyed my last ‘Pumspiration’ post going through my favourite links of the week so thought I’d do a similar favourites post while eating my avo-rye toast this morning…



  • No secret that I love my teas and this week’s favourite is the unusual but intriguing Twinings Comforting Liquorice tea, yum!


  • This week I bought sunflower rye bread for the first time which is so much tastier than my usual whole-wheat loaf, loving this stuff especially with eggs or avocado!
  • For some healthy reading I love looking through Popsugar’s Fitsugar.  Their blog feed is always packed full with health, food and fitness tips, if you’re not a regular visitor to the page you should definitely check it out:

2. Recipes


3. TV

  • Homeland (after giving up on this midway through season 3 I was convinced to give this drama another chance and season 4 came back with a bang, now I’m completely caught up and enjoying season 5).

4. Clothing



Hope everyone enjoys a lazy Sunday!

Pum x


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