Pum update…WIAW

I decided yesterday that I would do a WIAW post and took pictures of all the food I ate.  I didn’t get round to posting this last night so here it is today.  WIAW posts are some of my favourite blog posts to read (for those not familiar WIAW is What I Ate Wednesday and is a post for bloggers to share their eating habits on that day).  They’re so interesting to me and I love having a nosey at what people really eat!

So here’s my WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday…i.e. yesterday)…

7am woke up and had a black coffee and greek yoghurt with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios and a little pure maple syrup (no porridge shock horror!).


As soon as I got into work at around 8.15am I had a green tea.  Then at 10.30am I had my morning snack of pink grapefruit and brazil nuts with another black coffee.  I go to the gym or a gym class Monday-Thursday so always eat something 1-2 hours before.

It was then off to circuits class 12-12.45pm…hard work, bum is very sore!

Lunch back at my desk at 1pm was vegetable soup (batch made on Sunday, link below) along with an apple and a peppermint tea.

Then at 3pm I always have another snack to tide me over until dinner and yesterday this was a banana.

This was all my snacks ready to be packed in the morning…(I’m not too keen on snapping pictures in work).




Once I got home I had a lemon and ginger tea while sorting things around my flat (washing clothes, dishes etc.) then around 6.30pm made up a super quick salad of king prawns, avocado, spinach, tomatoes and cucumber…this was huuuuge!


After dinner I had a liquorice tea (new fave?!) and a square of dark chocolate while catching up on How to Get Away with Murder (not really loving this anymore but still watching).



Overall this was a pretty typical midweek day.  I feel I got enough protein with the greek yoghurt, nuts and seeds; enough carbs with the fruit; and enough good fats with the nuts and avocado…plus a sweet treat to end the day!  I should also say that I probably had around 2.5 litres of water on top of this, I just keep filling my water bottle and guzzling…it might seem like too much but I feel so much better hydrated.

I just need to get better at eating like this on the weekends…

Pum x


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