Pum’s tips…Fun Fitness Trackers

I’m so excited about a delivery I received this week!  Big sis keeks in New Zealand sent over a birthday present for me and after some mix-ups in customs it has finally arrived.  Keeks always gets me amazing presents so I’ve been eagerly waiting for this and she did not disappoint…I’ve been gifted with the Garmin Vivofit2 activity tracker woo!

I don’t know why I hadn’t considered a fitness tracker before.  These amazing little things track steps, calories, distance and sleep.  The vivofit2 easily syncs up to a mobile app and an app on the pc to show you all your stats and goals and so far is very easy to use.

Already (since Wednesday) it has been incredibly motivational.  A red bar appears across the screen when I have been inactive for too long and this prompts me to get up and have a walk around and stretch my legs…this appeared far too often for my liking in work and a scary sign that I’m sitting way too much.

Also the first day I wore the vivofit2 I had what for me was a good fitness day; 40 mins of kettlebells at a gym class on my lunch break and 1 hour of strength training with my gym instructor after work…but I only walked approx. 7000 steps, that’s 3000 less than the recommended level, not good!

This spurred me on to do something at lunch on Friday (normally a non-gym day) and I pounded the treadmill for 30 mins to Taylor Swift to help me smash my goal…


The sleep analysis is also useful for me.  I tend to sleep a lot and well but even just comparing my sleep on Wednesday and Thursday has been quite enlightening…

Wednesday was 6 hrs 11 mins of deep sleep and 2 hours 26 mins of light sleep…pretty good in my books!


But Thursday was quite different with only 4 hrs 29 mins of deep sleep and 3 hrs 48 mins of light sleep.  What changed?!

Oh yeh I had big sis biff to stay…that always puts the stress levels just a bit higher, am I right mum?!



The only thing I’ll need to keep in mind is that for the type of exercise I’m doing (mostly circuits, strength and kettlebells) is it doesn’t accurately measure calories because it’s based on movement rather than recognising different weights used.  But there’s a heart monitor that can be purchased to make it more accurate in this respect so that’s something I’ll keep in mind, but for now I’m loving it.

For anyone that needs to understand a bit more about how active they’re being or wants something to motivate them to move more I’d definitely recommend this.

Happy weekend folks I’m off for some breakfast…

fruit salad

Pum x


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