Pum recommends…Effortless Egg Dinners

I’m one of those odd people that much prefers a sweet breakfast and would rather have savoury breakfast food, i.e. eggs, for dinner.  When I wake up I have to be in the right mood for eggs and more often than not I turn to my old faithful porridge instead.  However when it comes to eggs for dinner I’m all for it!

The nights are getting darker and colder in Scotland and during the week when I come home from work I want nothing more than a quick, nutritious, tasty dinner and to cuddle up under a blanket.  One of my go-to meals on nights like this are my effortless eggs with buckwheat rice cakes and avocado drizzled in delicious sriracha sauce.

Simply whisk 2 eggs and add to a pan on a low/medium heat with a splash of olive oil.  Gently push the eggs in towards themselves, add a little salt and pepper and fold over cooking until the eggs are done but still slightly runny…mmmmm!


For such a healthy dinner packed with good fats and protein this is so yummy.  More please!

Pum x


4 thoughts on “Pum recommends…Effortless Egg Dinners

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