Pumspiration…Links This Week

It’s been a little while since my last ‘Pumspiration‘ post.  While enjoying my lazy Sunday morning and tucking into some porridge (see below, cinnamon oats with banana, strawberry and almond butter mmmm) I thought I would touch on some different links I’ve been loving this week.


Stay with me on this one, I like a lot of links!

  1. Healthy
    • I’ve signed up to receive the Livestrong newsletters and have started tracking my food and exercise which I’m finding really useful and quite enlightening (how many calories are in chia seeds you say?!).  My problem is definitely overdoing it on the healthy foods which does cause my calorie count to creep up.  I think using the Livestrong site will be helpful in keeping my portions in check!
  2. Recipes
  3. TV
    • How to get away with murder (season 1 came on UK Netflix and I’m getting through far too quickly).
    • Scream Queens (I’ve been streaming this but I think it’s coming on E4 in the UK very soon, it’s a bit ridiculous but I’m finding it pretty entertaining).
  4. Clothing
  5. Kitchen
  6. Home
  7. Beauty


So those are just some of the links giving me inspiration this week, I hope it’s another happy and healthy week ahead!

Pum x


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