Pum’s tips…Coconut Oil Coffee

This week I’ve been really trying to cut back since my birthday fun food week (https://pumdiets.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/pum-reminiscing-my-not-so-healthy-birthday-week/) and I thought I would refocus on whole foods and limit dairy and sugar (except for fruit, I just can’t omit fruit!).

I do like my morning coffee and without milk it’s just not the same for me.  I’d heard about the popular bulletproof coffee which contains coconut oil (as well as clarified ghee butter) and tried it once, it wasn’t really for me…that is until I used my nutribullet!  Something about blending the coconut oil with the coffee instead of mere mixing it resulted in a much smoother and creamier texture, as opposed to oily.  I’ve also been adding a little ground ginger or cinnamon for a great flavour.

I’ve heard both good and bad things about bulletproof coffee e.g. its supposed to give a prolonged energy hit but drank in large amounts may increase cholesterol levels.  I think it goes with anything that in moderation is fine, good even.  Coconut oil provides healthy fats and is said to improve metabolism, so I’m pretty happy including this one in my diet.

I’ve really been enjoying my coconut oil coffee this week and it was lovely with my breakfast today, wholewheat toast with peanut butter and chia seeds…yummy!!


I might not have this every day but it’s useful to know a creamy coffee is still an option even without milk in the fridge.

Pum x


4 thoughts on “Pum’s tips…Coconut Oil Coffee

    1. pumdiets Post author

      I like my coffee hot in the morning so add 1 tsp. instant coffee 1 tsp. coconut oil with a shake of ginger or cinnamon and top up with boiling water to a normal mug level before blending, but I’m sure a splash of boiling water topped up with cold water and ice would be great too!xx



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