Pum recommends…Porridge

Did you know it’s World Porridge Day this Saturday the 10th of October?  I didn’t!…until the lovely Molly from Molly’s Kitchen (http://mollyskitchenbtn.com) told me.  Thanks for the heads up!  As this is the day before my birthday I’ll definitely be remembering this every year from now on.

I’m away on holiday to Belfast with my amazing girls this weekend so I’m going to miss World Porridge Day (unless there’s Guinness porridge?!) but I thought I’d share some of my favourite ways to serve it.

Anyone that reads the blog regularly will know I have a complete obsession with porridge and eat it almost every day for breakfast.  But I never get bored because each time is different…

Rolled porridge oats swirled with peanut butter and jam


Apple porridge with blueberry topping



Porridge with chia seeds and greek yoghurt


Cinnamon and nutmeg porridge with pecans, dates and maple syrup


Porridge topped with strawberries and peanut butter


Maple coconut porridge


maple porridge

Porridge topped with banana, peanut butter, coconut oil and my quinoa nut granola



Cinnamon butternut squash oats



Cacao porridge



Maple syrup oat bran


oat bran maple syrup

I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow!!!

I won’t be posting until next week until I’m back from Belfast so I hope you all celebrate World Porridge Day and enjoy a bowl.

You can read up on the day at the link below which is to help raise awareness of the role porridge has in the Mary’s Meals charity projects in Malawi which I think is fantastic!


Pum x


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