Pum recommends…Aubergine

Right now aubergine is having a big moment in my kitchen…it has knocked the humble tomato off the top spot as the star vegetable.  I am loving it.

After I learned how to cook it properly (my preferred method is roasting with oregano and I don’t pre-salt them) and eating it more regularly as a result, I started doing a bit of research into the health benefits.  Just in case I was gorging on something not so healthy. But turns out this is one great vegetable…

Aubergines are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and high in fibre! As well as being low in fat…pheww!

They’re also low calorie in terms of what you get from it.  1 medium aubergine (skin on) has approx. 140 calories.  In my opinion an aubergine can be a meal in itself so while this is higher than some vegetables you feel fuller consuming 1 aubergine than a higher volume of a lot of other veg (that’s the fibre for you).  This might sound ridiculous to some that 1 aubergine is a meal but try slicing an aubergine in half sprinkling with herbs and roasting for 30 mins…this would definitely be a filling lunch or a quick and tasty weeknight dinner if served along with a side (think quinoa, whole-wheat couscous, a small serving of fish etc.).

However if you’re not sold on aubergine as a meal alone it definitely serves as a great ingredient in stews, sauces and roast veg sides.  Just try my aubergine curry…



And what’s for dinner tonight?…




Pum x


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