Pumspiration…Finding Your Healthy Role Model

No matter what your objectives are be it; leading a balanced lifestyle, weight loss, weight maintenance, muscle building, I believe it’s important to find a healthy role model.  This person can help inspire you to reach your goals and help visualise your desired result.

I thought I would share my personal role model with you (one among many inspiring people but who I visualise as my end body goal to be) but fully appreciate this might be completely different to your own.

My healthy role model is actual model Bree Warren.  Bree is an Australian model and as my goals are losing weight and becoming generally healthier but also reaching a maintainable weight I think Bree fits the bill.  At 5 ft 11 she is a UK 14 and has a lovely shape.  This is my goal to still maintain my curves but not carry as much fat around my stomach area which poses health risks.  As you can see she does have a nice flat stomach…doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely gorgeous either!




In any health journey the closer you get to your goal the more temptation there is to alter your goals and go further.  I know this personally, back in January my first goal was to reach a healthy BMI weight.   Having reached that recently I changed my goals to reaching 3 stone weight loss…

I can now reveal that as of this morning I have now met this YAY 3 STONE DOWN!  But I’m also thinking what my next goal will be.  That’s where I look to my healthy role model and realise that it’s not about weight anymore.  It’s about health.  So I’m going to shift my focus and try to slim down my middle and also increase my cardio stamina (having just done a GRIT class tonight and completely knackered I know it will feel amazing if I can notice improvement here).

Wish me luck in my new goals and good luck in finding your healthy role model, I hope they inspire you…

Pum x


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