Pum’s favourite recipes…Strawberry Cake

This week I tried out a recipe from one of my favourite bloggers Madeleine Shaw.  If you’ve not heard of her (where have you been?) definitely check out her blog here:  http://madeleineshaw.com/

She does amazingly healthy but equally delicious recipes and encourages a diet free from refined sugar.  My sister had recently bought her book Get The Glow, and when I was up in Aberdeen last weekend visiting biff I had a little flick through and this recipe caught my eye.


Now in my opinion this is a nice cake but by no means a ‘showstopper’.  It’s a lovely, light cake that is great served with coffee in the afternoon of even after a heavier dinner.  She serves it with her coconut whipped cream (which you don’t need a lot of) but if you’re not vegan I think it would be equally tasty with some greek yoghurt and honey.

The very easy recipe has been published online so take a look here:


Note that I used coconut oil instead of butter, and honey instead of coconut sugar as per her suggestions.

I’m really looking forward to adapting this recipe.  I think it would be delicious with fresh lemon zest, lemon peel and raspberries!



Looking forward to having another slice this afternoon!

Pum x


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