Pum recommends…Tuna Grain Bowls

Tinned tuna has featured in my dinners twice this week!  I had a lovely tuna bowl with tahini dressing on Tuesday (try saying Tahini Tuna Tuesdays 10 times fast) and liked it so much I whipped up a brown rice chilli tuna bowl for tonight.

Both are such quick dinners to make and in my opinion super tasty.  The addition of a grain base also makes this a very filling meal.  I used whole-wheat couscous and brown rice but buckwheat and quinoa are some of my other favourites to have with tuna (I am aware they’re not all grains but grain is an all-encompassing term I use loosely here!).

Tinned tuna is great because it provides a wide range of health benefits (great amount of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins) and it’s just so easy and versatile to incorporate into healthy meals!

However due to the mercury content it’s not advised to eat more than 12.5 ounces per week for women or 14.5 ounces per week for men…so I’m safe with my 2 portions!

Tahini Tuna Bowl

Simply make whole-wheat couscous per packet instructions, top with tuna, fresh tomatoes and black pepper.  Make a tahini dressing using tahini paste and fresh lime and serve on top.

tuna bowl4

Brown Rice Chilli Tuna Bowl

Cook the brown rice and bake a sweet potato.  Top the rice with tuna and drizzle in olive oil with plenty chilli flakes.  Serve with spinach and the sweet potato.

tuna bowl3

And now I’m stuffed!

Pum x


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