Pum recommends…Figs

I can’t remember vividly exactly what happened, but when I was younger I know had a bad experience with a fig.  I suspect that I tried some of my mum’s meal in a restaurant, hated it, and subsequently avoided them like the plague (along with mushrooms and parsley).  I only semi-recently tried one again and seriously enjoyed it!

Now looking back it probably was a starter with a strong goat’s or blue cheese (knowing my mum) and it was the cheese that put me off, all those wasted fig-less years!

It’s great news that I’m loving figs because they really are very good for you.  Figs are rich in tonnes of minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and copper) and are a good source of antioxidant vitamins (A, E and K) as well as containing soluble fibre.

They have a really nice natural sweetness that’s quite subtle (so they go with lots of different things).  I mostly incorporate figs with my breakfast or as an after-dinner treat.  My preference is fresh over dried as I love the fresh texture.

If you’re not used to using figs why not try with greek yoghurt and honey, as a topping on porridge or chopped up in granola served with coconut milk!


This was my Sunday breakfast, greek yoghurt, 1 large fig, dried fruit and seeds and a little drizzle of honey…yum!

Pum x


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