Pum recommends…Soup Sundays

I feel like I’ve slightly overdone it the past couple of weeks.  Given that I’ve done loads of fun things I don’t regret it, but I do think it’s time I had a bit of a lighter week.

I love it when I have no plans on a Sunday, particularly after a busy Friday/Saturday, allowing me to relax and get sorted for the week ahead.  This is going to be a ‘soup week’ for me where the majority (if not all) of my lunches and dinners will be soup.  I didn’t want this to be a boring week so I’ve made big batches of 3 of my favourite soups to alternate.

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup


Carrot and Ginger Soup


Butternut Squash and Celeriac

This one is super easy and you get a really lovely flavour coming from the celeriac (thanks for the tip Mum).  Simply cut up 2 butternut squash (skin on) and 1 celeriac (peeled) and roast for 1 hour (turning half way through).  They should both be very soft but not burnt when done.  Then just whizz up in a blender with hot water (add slowly until you get the consistency you prefer, I keep my soups quite thick) and some salt and pepper (you can also add veggie or chicken stock cubes if you prefer).  I even blitz this up with the butternut squash skin still on because it goes so soft when you roast for so long, but you can remove the skin if you like.


soup8I got straight in there and had a big bowl of the roasted red pepper and tomato soup for my lunch today.  Urghh it’s so yummy and I love that there’s no stock in my recipe, so it won’t bloat me.



Like my new top?  Couldn’t resist!  Although it has had me singing Wyclef Jean all week…




Wish me luck on my ‘soup week’

Pum x


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