Another big inspiration of mine and ahem time-waster is Instagram.  I use it for inspiration in so many different ways.  I follow a lot of accounts and periodically go through and delete the ones I’m not so into anymore…but then I find more and it just racks up again!

The accounts I follow can mainly be split into the following categories; friends, celebs, healthy food, bad-guilty but love-to-look-at food, fitness, home décor, beauty and fashion.

So here are some of my favourite accounts to follow which give me healthy inspiration.

Healthy Food

Some of these accounts are just amazing.  The food photography alone is enough to make me drop what I’m doing, buy the ingredients and make my own attempt on their creations.  I follow a lot of healthy food inspired Instagram accounts but these are the ones I tend to visit and ‘like’ the most.



What I’m looking for in a fitness account is some good advice.  I don’t just want pictures of muscles!  These 4 are definitely my favourites of the bunch.


General Love

This is just a taste of some of the random accounts I follow and love.  How Bree Warren can be considered ‘plus-size’ I’ll never know…I’ll take that body gladly!


Have I missed any of your favourites?  Tell me!

Don’t forget to follow me!



Pum x


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