Pum update…BRB Off To Hogwarts

So if you’re a follower you might have noticed that I put up a few more blog posts than usual today.   And that’s because I’m going to Hogwarts tomorrow!  Yep got my letter and everything, my mum is really proud, we’re expecting Ravenclaw!

Ok before you unfollow because you think I’ve lost it I’m totally kidding.  Going away for a wee trip with my best friend Viviana starting tomorrow, part of which we’ll be doing the Harry Potter Studio Tour…so excited!!

We’re going to visit and stay with Vivi’s sister-in-law and her husband (yay not seen them since her wedding last year) then move on to stay in a lovely spa hotel and do the Harry Potter tour, then go on to Bicester for some shopping.

Looking forward to spending some quality time with this nugget…

Pum and vivi (2)Pum and vivi (5)Pum and vivi (4)Pum and vivi (3)Pum and vivi

I won’t be posting until I’m back…don’t forget about me…

Pum x


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