Pum reminiscing…”The Great Thermo Fisher Bake Off”

I’m on the Events team in my work and as soon as I heard that “The Great British Bake Off” was back on TV I knew this would be a great idea for a work event.  And so “The Great Thermo Fisher Bake Off” was born!

I’ll admit I was a little nervous as to the success of this event.  I’ve only been working there since February so didn’t want it to be a flop.  But I was so pleased and genuinely so impressed with the participation and standard of baking!

I obviously contributed some baking myself, however as I was a judge my baking wasn’t competing…however even if it was there was no way I was coming anywhere close to the winners!

I’ll start with what I baked and then get on to the amazing creations of my work colleagues.

I went for 3 different bakes…

Salted Caramel Brownies

This was the recipe I used:


These were so easy to make and turned out really well, I would definitely make again.


Ice-cream Cupcakes

These were my creation but definitely looked better than they tasted.  Next time I know to fill the cones less with batter and not try to take the tray out half way through baking, thus tipping out all the cones!! But hey, trial and error!


Toffee Popcorn Cupcakes

This was the recipe I used:


These looked really effective but next time I’ll leave the fudge out of the batter as they sunk to the bottom a bit.


Now onto the more impressive bakes from my colleagues…

1st Prize Dutch Apple Pie

Oh my goodness.  When each of the judges tasted this there was a moment of silent agreement…this was the winner!  Everything about this cake was incredibly yummy.  And not too rich so you kept wanting to go back for more.  Served with cream this was just delicious!


2nd Prize Dark Chocolate Cake with Chilli & Beetroot

I don’t know how it was accomplished that this cake was so rich but so moreish at the same time.  Such a lovely mix of flavours and the presentation was really impressive.


3rd Prize Coffee Walnut Cake

I am biased because I do love a really good coffee walnut cake!  The sponge on this was just perfect!


It was a close call as there was another coffee walnut up for the prize too.  I mean would you look at that, they didn’t make it easy for us!  There wasn’t much in it and I would happily eat either of these in their entirety…probably in one sitting.


Special Mention

Now we had to give a special mention to this next creation.  I was blown away when I saw this…a cake minion!!! How does she do it?  Filled with really tasty sponge and chocolate ganache this was another one heavily debated.


Now you all know the focus of my blog is weight loss, healthy eating and fitness so how did I manage to get through the day with all this temptation?!  I succumbed.  I had a good taste of everything and I don’t regret it.  Sometimes you just have to live a little!

Here are some more of the treats that were on offer.  Honestly not a bad bake on offer…


Favourite day in work yet?  Probably!

Pum x


6 thoughts on “Pum reminiscing…”The Great Thermo Fisher Bake Off”

  1. Isabelita's Larder

    Looks amazing! You did well to just have a little taste of everything! When I make the ice cream cone cupcakes, I put a ring of crunched up tin foil into the holes of the baking tray and it helps them balance. Just in case you decide to make them again!x


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