Pum’s take on…Exercise…continued

So thought it was time to mention my updated exercise routine.  Over the last few weeks I’ve upped my game and started getting into a really good routine.  This works for me and is probably just about closer to reaching the recommended minimum, but as you’ll have seen from my previous posts going from doing absolutely nothing last year I’m pleased enough with this.

I’ve started hitting the gym at lunchtimes and am really loving it.  It breaks up the day and frees up my nights and makes me feel brilliant the rest of the day knowing I’ve already worked out.

My week currently consists of HIIT workouts myself on a Monday and Tuesday and gym classes a Wednesday and Thursday, then a run or long walk over the weekend.

For the HIIT workouts I map out 2 or 3 7-min circuits for me to do in the gym.  An example from this week is:

5 minute treadmill sprint

Circuit 1: 7 minutes

  • 15 jump squats
  • 10 full push ups
  • 15 medicine ball squats
  • 20 sit up and shoulder press with a 5kg weight
  • 10 rows with 2 8kg kettlebells

Circuit 1: 7 minutes

  • 15 weighted squat and shoulder press (using 2 5kg weights)
  • 10 commandos KILLER
  • 15 leg raises
  • 10 get-ups
  • 10 dumbbell overhead extensions (1 8kg kettlebell)

5 minute treadmill sprint

The trick with these is to do them as fast as you can and as many times as possible for you in the 7 minutes.  I am completely knackered finishing these and really feel I’ve had a good workout in a short space of time.

For the gym classes it’s something different every week; TRX, circuits, strength, abs blast, rower, treadmill…you name it.  That’s what keeps me going, the variety.  The girls who take the classes are really lovely and the numbers are so small that it feels like personal training (but much cheaper).

It’s really motivating for me to start seeing definition in my arms and legs…I just wish the stomach area would catch up but I know that takes time.

My advice would be to find what works for you and stick with it for as long as you’re happy in your routine, then when you’re not, change it up…don’t just stop!

Pum x


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