Pum update…With Purchases

Earlier today I was chatting with my sister keeks over Viber and we were talking about rewarding yourself with non-food things.  I definitely look to food and drink to reward me, whether it’s for a really healthy week, lots of exercise or celebrating an occasion or achievement.  This got me thinking though, should I be looking to reward myself without involving food?  I probably should shift my thinking…

…so after work I hit the shops and spent a fortune in H&M (I blame keeks)!  However I was celebrating in a way because…


Big news!  I now officially fall in the ‘healthy weight’ category!  Albeit at the top end but that was my first goal at the start of the year and I’ve made it!  Woo!

I know the pitfalls with using BMI as a health indicator and understand that it has its downfalls but since exercising and strength training I have put on a bit of muscle so I’m quite confident I do now belong in this category.

So to reward myself in a ‘non-food’ way I decided some new work clothes and most importantly gym clothes should be purchased.  H&M has so much great stuff in just now and it’s really affordable…unless you buy half the shop!


I treated myself to 3 work tops, 1 pair of work trousers, 3 gym tops and 3 pairs of gym leggings.  Here’s a wee peek of the gym-wear.



And if you look really close you might just see a gun show…


…ok I might still have some work to do on the muscles but they’re slowly coming along!

I feel much better having celebrated with new gym clothes rather than food because I know I’ll make all my gym classes this week just to show them off!  I even had a kale salad for dinner tonight because I really want to keep up the good work.

kale bacon

yes there’s bacon in there ignore that

Pum x


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