Pum’s favourite recipes…Sunday Lunch

This weekend I had a couple of friends over to my flat for a low-key Sunday lunch.  My sister Biff had told me about a recipe she’d used for roast chicken the weekend before and I couldn’t stop thinking about it so it was a good excuse to try it out on some willing guinea pigs (thanks guys).

sunday roast chickensunday lunch
The recipe was from Madeleine Shaw and was for a smoky roast chicken with sweet potato wedges.  It was so simple to make as you are just coating the bird and wedges in coconut oil, cayenne pepper and smoked paprika and leaving to roast away.  I served this with kale sautéed in garlic and olive oil and topped with bacon.  All plates were clear so I can confirm this recipe goes down well!

I followed this up with strawberries drizzled in honey and fresh lime.  And after this we had some coffee date cookies which I’d made the night before which were inspired by a recipe from ‘Livia’s Kitchen’.  These turned out well but were hard work to make and I would definitely recommend a food processor rather than a blender for this.  I made these much smaller than the recipe looked as I thought they could be quite heavy and I was right.  Definitely serve alongside tea or coffee as they’re rich and chewy!

I even managed to boil the chicken bones with a little of the leftover gravy to make a healthy bone broth (check me out!).  I first read up on bone broth in the Hemsley + Hemsley cookbook but they also have a piece on their blog about the benefits which is worth a read:


bone broth

coffee date cookiescoffee date oat cookies

We ate fairly early (around 2 or 3pm) and I didn’t need anything else the rest of the day (well except for sneaking in a couple more of those cookie bites) but I didn’t feel that uncomfortably stuffed feeling you can get when you overdo it with unhealthy food.

Both recipes can be found on my pinterest board, and both are highly recommended:

Pum x


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