Pum reminiscing…Graduation

For my second graduation (becoming a chartered accountant) I had a great day in Edinburgh with my family.  The ceremony was lovely and it was really nice to see my work friends with their proud families and also catch up with a few old friends too.

However looking back for me the food and drink completely made my day!

In the morning I headed through early with my mum, stepdad and big sister biff (keeks still in New Zealand was missed!) to get some breakfast before heading to the ceremony.  Through biff’s recommendation we went to a tiny little place called Milk.  There are only a few tables and luckily we managed to squeeze in.

From memory we all had coffee and eggs and I’m sure I managed a brownie too!

11749802_10153426541079780_1200227929_n11733357_10153426540714780_1490246479_neggs on toastmilk eggs


I love going out for breakfast.  The menu choices were great and the food was so fresh.  We had plenty of time and weren’t rushed away.  All in all a great little find!

After the ceremony we had a little bit of time to kill before our lunch so stopped in at Tigerlily for a cocktail.  I have no idea what the others had to drink but I do remember that mine was a ‘Cherry on Top’ because I absolutely love cherry cocktails!  It was delicious!

graduation drinks

Fully refreshed we headed on to lunch at Wildfire.  Oh my goodness such a lovely place I’d highly recommend.  I had chicken liver pate, seafood gratin and then ice cream with butterscotch sauce and I’m sure the other 3 all had steaks.  No complaints from us at all everything was so tasty.  I can’t wait to have an excuse to go back!

wildfirepateseafood gratin

After lunch we moved on to the Queens Arms pub for some more drinks.  This wasn’t a day for holding back or thinking of the diet so I really went all out and had a couple of my favourites…


…yes I am a girl who likes her ale!

By early evening we were feeling the effects of a long day and headed for the train.  But not before my mum purchased some refreshments for the journey.


You are allowed to drink alcohol on public transport I promise!

Days like my graduation make me realise I never want to be so completely restricted by having a healthy diet that I can’t enjoy the special occasions.  That day wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t been completely relaxed and ordered what I wanted.  I worked bloomin’ hard to make it to that day I wasn’t going to let any diet stop me from celebrating!

Pum x


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