Pum recommends…Quick Dinners

Often I’ll find myself so hungry by dinner time that even cooking a quick meal won’t quite cut it for me.  I need something I can assemble and eat pronto!

Tonight was one of those nights.  Even though today I’d had shredded wheat, a buckwheat rice cake with peanut butter, carrot soup, an orange, an apple and 2 peanut butter oreos (they were a gift I swear, it would have been rude not to…) I was ravenous when I left work.  This could be to do with the ridiculously tough circuits class I did over lunch, kettlebell swings really do kill me.

I was needing to go via the supermarket to pick up some essentials so en route I planned exactly what I would get for a quick dinner.  I would normally try to avoid doing a food shop while hungry as inevitably you’ll buy more than you need and some poorer choices will end up in the basket.  Tonight however I was in and out quickly getting just what I needed.

Now the below can barely be called a recipe…it really is an assembly of a few ingredients.  But it was quick, tasty, satisfying and I’m happy, so I’ll take that!

Pum’s Quick Mackerel Salad

Pile high on a plate lots of your favourite salad leaves (I use rocket and watercress along with mixed lettuce).  Drizzle in a little olive oil.  Top with pepper smoked mackerel and half an avocado cut up.  Finish with some balsamic vinegar or glaze.  DONE!


This dish gives you a good dose of protein and healthy fats as well as omega 3 and vitamin D and I just think it’s really delicious.

Pum x


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