Pum recommends…Letting Other People Do The Cooking…continued

This is a continuation of a previous blog post which I’m going to make into a feature as it looks like I’m still being treated to plenty of delicious and healthy dinners.  I do have great friends, lucky girl, keep ’em coming guys!

A few weeks ago I visited my friend Sarra at her lovely new house and having just returned from an amazing holiday she decided to cook some Vietnamese inspired food for me, I happily obliged her wishes.

Sarra’s Vietnamese Beef

This recipe looked fairly simple and easy (or at least Sarra made it look that way as she was able to fill me in on her chat while preparing).  The dish consisted of noodles lightly fried served with strips of beef also pan fried along with salad.  The star of the dish was the amazing sauce which Sarra made in a pestle and mortar and combined garlic, fresh ginger, fresh lime and lime zest, Chinese five-spice, honey and soy sauce.  For such an easy to prepare dish this really was packed with flavour and is one I can’t wait to try myself.

Vietnamese Beef

Then just last weekend I went round to my friend Catriona’s flat for dinner (aka Chez Cat’s because I always know I’ll be well fed there).  I wasn’t disappointed as she whipped up a cauliflower crust pizza from the Deliciously Ella cookbook.

You can check out the recipe on Ella’s blog here: http://deliciouslyella.com/cauliflower-crust-pizza-new-and-improved/

Catriona made a few amendments to the recipe e.g. binding the mix with an egg instead of apple sauce, but if you stick to Ella’s recipe it is vegan.

This was unbelievable.  I never knew that vegetables on vegetables could taste so good!  And it was so filling!

Cauliflower Pizza

I can say from experience that this dish is best served with your best friends while enjoying a few glasses of wine and booking a holiday…Belfast here we come!

Pum x


6 thoughts on “Pum recommends…Letting Other People Do The Cooking…continued

    1. pumdiets Post author

      Of course let me just double check quantities of ingredients and get back to you. It was seriously good! I think a few fresh simple and flavoursome ingredients are the way to go!x

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    2. pumdiets Post author

      So I didn’t forget about you it took a while to track Sarra’s recipe down!

      For the beef:
      -100g beef strips
      -3 cloves garlic
      -thumb sized amount fresh ginger
      -zest and juice of 1 fresh lime
      -generous tsp. Chinese five spice
      -tbsp. honey
      -generous glug dark soy sauce

      Pan fry the beef to your preferred colouring (rare is best in my opinion). Combine all other ingredients well using a pestle and mortar. When the beef is cooked add the sauce and warm through. Serve over cooked noodles.

      For the dipping sauce:
      -3 cloves garlic (minced)
      -2-3 bird’s eye chillies (minced)
      -4 tbsp. lime juice
      -4 tbsp. fish sauce
      -4 tbsp. water
      -2 tsp. sugar

      Whisk all ingredients together and serve in individual dipping bowls to dunk the beef in. Honestly delicious!xx

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