Pum’s tips…Have Your Cake And Eat It

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love desserts.  This love affair has been evident throughout my whole life.

On my 2nd Christmas at 14 months old while my sisters were playing with their Barbie dolls and toy dogs little Pum exclaimed ‘Santa Chocolate’ and spent most of the morning happily covered in chocolate, blissfully neglecting my presents.

I grew up with an ice-cream store…this was the affectionate name my family had for my little podgy tummy that no matter how full always had room for ice cream.

Special life events were marked and celebrated with cakes.

Birthdays were always accompanied by my gran’s homemade chocolate cake…

Birthday Cake

and I even celebrated my university graduation with a full cake buffet.  No savoury foods allowed!

Graduation Meal

Can I pause for a minute to appreciate how amazing my graduation cake was?!

The Graduate

Graduation Cake

So in my mission this year to lose weight and become healthier this really has been a struggle.  I don’t want to give up my cake!!  So what do I do?

I had to make the decision to limit having cake to only outside the house.  Yep that’s all, but it has really worked for me.  No more cake after dinner at home.  No more cake for lunch at home.  No more cake for…breakfast at home (woops).  This way it’s a real treat when I get it and I enjoy it all the more.

Sometimes I still have a little craving for something sweet and that’s ok.  Good cake alternatives I’ve found are; ‘nicecreams’ (made with frozen fruit and greek yoghurt), porridge made dessert-like by adding raw cacao and fruit ‘crumble’ (basically mixed fruit baked with oats and spices, no sugar).

Berry Soft ServeRaw Cacao PorridgeApple Blueberry 'crumble'

Last week I had a bit of a hiccup.  The Great British Bake-Off (one of the best tv programmes in life) started back and I decided to bake for my team in work.  I opted for Victoria Sponge cupcakes (very British) and they turned out amazing.

Victoria SpongesVictoria Sponge Cupcakes

So amazing in fact that I had to eat 3!  Bad times.  This just proves I should not be trusted with cak!

To combat this I went to 2 fitness classes and did 3 gym sessions…it’s all about balance after all.  That way I still felt good heading out on Saturday night (apologies for the blurry mirror selfie).

Saturday Night

Pum x


2 thoughts on “Pum’s tips…Have Your Cake And Eat It

  1. Angela

    You look gorgeous!!! Oh my god ice cream and cake are my biggest weaknesses! These are always my ‘cheat meals’ it was so hard to stop having them everyday though!
    The Grad cake is awesome!!!! Xo



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