One of my favourite healthy resources is most definitely Pinterest.  I think I would actually be disgusted at the amount of hours I’ve lost on this site over the past year but nevertheless I’ve gained some useful knowledge in the process.

If you’ve never used Pinterest before it’s basically a free website where users can save images.  However it is so much more than this.  If you save an image from a webpage other users can access where the image was from; very useful if the image is from an article or a recipe.

There are countless categories for searching but if you’re wanting to use Pinterest as a way to research healthy diet and exercise tips, here’s how I do it…

  1. Follow ‘healthy’ topics – if you follow these kinds of topics they will appear on your home page so you don’t even have to search.  I currently follow; ‘healthy eating’, ‘healthy meals’, ‘fitness’, ‘nutrition’, ‘healthy recipes’…amongst many others.
  2. Follow ‘healthy’ pinners – again if you follow specific people or pinners, their posts will appear in your home page.  I follow various magazines (e.g. Women’s Health, Shape), bloggers (e.g. Cookie and Kate, Deliciously Ella), celebrities (e.g. Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad) as well as ‘normal’ people (e.g. Jamie’s Health).  Best way to know who you want to follow is when you see a pin you like click on the name of who posted it, you can then browse their boards and see if they share your interests.Pinterest Home
  3. Avoid the unrealistic claims – if you search for ‘fast weight loss’ or similar searches you will undoubtedly see a fair few posts claiming you could lose 20lbs by drinking a certain drink or using a specific supplement.  Don’t run out and buy anything based on what someone on Pinterest has said, do your research first.
  4. Search ingredients – I often use this an inspiration for recipes or my weekly meal plan.  It’s particularly useful for when you have a few ingredients and aren’t sure what to do with them.  Just search for the ingredients plus meal and healthy and you could be surprised at the inventive and delicious looking meals you’re presented with.


You can pin the images to save down which is useful so you can access later.  I often create ‘secret’ boards which means no one else can see them (I don’t really want all my followers to see I’ve been pinning stretch mark or digestion resources!).

Other categories I love to search…

  1. Home décor – hours, hours have passed looking at home décor ideas.  I will one day own a country cottage.  I will!
  2. Women’s fashion – for me a bit of a hit or a miss because fashion is so personal but definitely worth a browse.
  3. Hair and Beauty – if ever I need a new haircut Pinterest is the first place I look for inspiration.  Last weekend I went in to the hairdressers equipped with my picture of Arielle Vandenberg from Pinterest after search for long choppy bobs…


And ta daaaa…

Pum's HairPum's HairPum's Hair

Ok not quite…but Pinterest was definitely useful in picking my style!

You can find me at https://www.pinterest.com/pumdiets/ 🙂

Happy pinning!

Pum x


9 thoughts on “Pumspiration…Pinterest

  1. fittoservegroup

    Hi Pamela, I just love Pinterest too! It’s my favorite way to find what I am looking for besides google. As a blogger I also get must of my traffic from Pinterest. Do you have a board where you pin your pumspiration to? If not I highly recommend. You should add a Pinterest button for followers to be able to pin your posts to our boards. Anywho, not trying to tell you what to do, but I always encourage any tips that people are willing to share with me. I am off to go look you up on Pinterest! Look me up under my blog name. 😉


    1. pumdiets Post author

      I don’t actually have a pumdiets board yet but what a brilliant suggestion! I keep most of my boards private but will be quick and easy to make them into public pumdiet boards, I will give you a shout when I’m set up 🙂 Just found you and followed, thanks so much!x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. fittoservegroup

        So glad I can help. What I did was set up one board and named fittoserve low carb eating is healthy. I pin other people’s low carb recipes here too but you can make it strictly yours. Do what works best for you. Then every time I create a post I just go to the my post and hit the Pinterest tab. Just like that I can quickly save in my board. Last week I had a pound cake get over 1000 views. It’s gone viral on Pinterest that also gets Facebook exposure. I can’t say enough about using Pinterest to drive your traffic. Glad we found each other and can encourage.


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