Pum’s tips…Calorie Swap-Out

Even though I try to vary my meals I end up buying and eating a lot of the same foods every week.  While I’m not on a calorie counting diet I do think it’s useful to know the rough calories of the foods you eat most often.  Eating a lot of healthy food, while nutritious yes, will cause you to gain weight if you eat enough of it.

I keep a tab on my food diary spreadsheet which has the calorie count of my favourite foods.  That way if I know I’ve eaten a lot already I can do a quick calorie comparison and swap out for a lower calorie version if needed.

Here’s what I have on my calorie list…

General Food Portion Size Calories
unsweetened almond milk 200 ml 27
tesco quark 60g 40
tesco low fat cottage cheese 60g 39
leerdamer light 1 slice 54
low fat cheddar slice 1 slice 81
shredded wheat 1/2 cup 94
brazil nuts 10 nuts 142
almonds 15 nuts 62
buckwheat cracker 1 29
cashew butter 2 tsp 100
peanut butter 2 tsp 95
almond butter 2 tsp 105
agave syrup 1 tsp 14
honey 1 tsp 16
porridge oats 1/2 cup 95
alpro soya gingerbread 1 108
fage total greek yoghurt 0% 1/5 tub 57
instant coffee semi skimmed milk 1 20
tea semi skimmed milk 1 13
brown rice cooked 1 cup 216
couscous cooked 1 cup 176
quinoa cooked 1 cup 222
meringue nest 1 50
Fruit/Veg Portion Size Calories
avocado half 178
tesco plum tomatoes 7 tomatoes 16
raspberries 10 berries 10
strawberries 10 berries 20
blueberries 10 berries 10
banana 1 medium 105
apple 1 medium 93
plum 1 30
peach 1 50
nectarine 1 57
pineapple 1 cup 83
mango 1 cup 99
cherries 10 cherries 50
sweet potato baked medium 100
beetroot 1 22
Meat Portion Size Calories
salmon 100g – 1 fillet 196
chicken 100g – 1 breast 109
steak 195g – 1 rump 330
steak 140g – 1 fillet 215
bolognese just mince 100g 320
Bread Portion Size Calories
brown pitta tesco 1 137
white english muffin 1 158
weight watchers bread 1 slice 50

Since being a bit wiser about calories I definitely haven’t changed what I eat, but I have changed how much and how often I eat certain things.  Avocado definitely surprised me (178 calories for half) however the nutritional benefits of eating avocado are so good I will still make sure to include in my diet…just not one every day.  Apples are another fruit that I would have thought were much less calories.  Again I know they’re good for me and I enjoy them so I’ll keep eating them, but I would much rather have as a snack a mashed sweet potato and I never would have guessed that they’d be similar calories to an apple.

I think this is a useful tip so as not to sabotage your weight loss efforts by eating too much healthy food.  However I am definitely not one for counting calories every day!!


Pum x


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