Pum’s tips…Write It Down

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know that I’m keeping a food diary as a tool to help me lose weight and become healthier.  If you’re on your own weight loss mission (yay good luck!!) I can’t recommend this enough.

Here are some of my best tips that worked for me after a bit of trial and error.  Hopefully some might be helpful to you…

  1. Use excel – Microsoft excel is very user-friendly and a great way to track both what you’re eating and your weight loss.  Just use your starting weight and subtract your daily weight to see your weight loss.  I much prefer this over a paper based approach because everything is maintained in the one place.
  2. Save it to onedrive – I use onedrive.live.com to save my spreadsheet.  This way I can access it on my personal laptop, my work pc and my tablet.  You just log in same as for email and are ready to go.  I also do this with any budgets etc.


3. Use colour coding – I only started using this a few months ago.  Colour coding your entries green for good, yellow for ok, red for bad (or whatever your colour preferences) means you can look back at a glance for inspiration from a good week.  Also if you’ve been green all day do you really want to spoil it?  When I’m on a green streak it definitely spurs me on to keep it a good week!


4. Add feelings – Again this was a recent addition when I was having some tummy troubles.  By adding in a feelings column you can track when you feel bloated etc. or even when you felt satisfied or hungry.  It’s helpful to have all that in the one place so you can see trends and culprits of any digestive problems.

Let me know if you have any food diary tips!

Good luck…

Pum x



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